PlayStation VS Xbox – Which Was Better In 2022?

Which console had the better year?

It is now near the end of 2022 and it is an unbelievably great year for gaming. From Elden Ring to God of War Ragnarok, gamers from all sides get to enjoy a feast of amazing games this year that makes being a gamer worth it. But the big question is: who had the better year? It’s obvious Nintendo is in their own little corner doing well, but what about the two gaming giants, PlayStation and Xbox? These two have been butting heads to see who is the best this past generation, so let’s see who did better this year.

Which Was Better In 2022? – PlayStation VS Xbox

So which console did the best this year?

Source: PlayStation

The year of 2022 showed us that PlayStation continues to know what they are doing. With the release of bangers like Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok, and even a remake of The Last of Us Part I, it just goes to show that Sony and PlayStation are coming in hot in the future. And those are just the games that they have planned this year only.

In the future, we are getting games like Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy VII REBIRTH, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Marvel’s Wolverine, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and more. It’s truly a great time to be a PlayStation gamer.

Source: Xbox

While PlayStation dominated 2022, Xbox seemed to have had a hard time trying to even get their games out the door, or even get their games to even work. A prime example of that would be Halo Infinite. While the game came out of the tail end of 2021, support for the game is still going on. If you can even call what they’re doing to the game “support”.

The game has had its long awaited and promised split screen coop game mode cancelled, raking in even more controversy to the already filled plate of 343 Industries. Not only that, but the content for Halo Infinite, despite the multiplayer being free to play, feels so completely barren, you feel like you’re playing a sandbox game.

With Halo Infinite fumbling so hard that Microsoft is trying to acquire Activision and Starfield delayed to 2023, you have to wonder why you even have an Xbox to begin with. But may I remind you that Xbox has one thing that PlayStation does not have: Xbox Game Pass.

Source: Xbox

Xbox may be struggling to get their exclusive games out the door, they make up for it by releasing amazing games on their subscription service at a very cheap price. For 15 US dollars a month, you can get Game Pass Ultimate and enjoy games on both your Xbox and PC, as well as get free perks and discounts.

PlayStation may be dominating the exclusive games market, but Xbox is doing well with their subscription service. However, it would be nice to play triple AAA games that are the same level of quality like those of PlayStation.

Source: Xbox

Xbox needs to release a game that pushes the Xbox Series X to its limits, taking advantage of all that power to bring graphical fidelity and impressive gameplay like The Last of Us Part 1 or Marvel’s Spider-Man. From what we have seen of Starfield, we can already see that it is just a Fallout game with a space skin slapped onto it.

Xbox can benefit from having a cinematic game like Uncharted, or an action adventure like Ghost of Tsushima. These games are all well received and loved by many, it would be amazing to see something from Xbox’s side.

However, Xbox doesn’t seem to be too competitive in trying to match with PlayStation’s success in games, which is why the quality of their games aren’t up to par with even independent developers. It’s also why Xbox didn’t do better than PlayStation in 2022, but hopefully they can turn that around in 2023.

Huge thanks to GamingBolt for covering the PlayStation vs Xbox battle in 2022. If you want to watch their video where they talk about both consoles, you can click the link here to check out their video: PlayStation vs Xbox – Who WON 2022?

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