How to LOGIN and Create Guest Account on PS4

Want a quick access to a GUEST account on the PS4? Read on.

So, you’re probably enjoying a beautiful day, hanging around with your friend and then you think to yourself that it would be really, really nice if you could play with them a game on your PS4. So, you open up the game, your friend turns on the other controller and you’re in front of the beautiful screen that makes you choose which account you want him or her to use.

How To Create A Guest Account – PS4

Since you don’t want this friend to use your brother or sisters account, you think that this might be the time to make a Guest Account for this person that might never, ever touch your PS4 again, but you don’t know how to do it.

If you prefer a visual guide, then you can find one below.

Time needed: 5 minutes

This guide is here to show you exactly how to create a guest account on the PS4, in the easiest way possible:

  1. First, click the PlayStation button on your second controller to turn it on and open up the login screen.

  2. There, you move over to the “New User” box and select it.

  3. After that, just move down to the “Play as a Guest” screen and press enter.

    Here, a big pup up will appear that will ask you to sign into your PlayStation account. This could be very useful if your friend wants to keep up with his or her stats for games like Call Of Duty. He can sign in and still not leave an account on your PS4 afterwards.

  4. Of course, if you just want to casually play some split screen games and just want to get on with it, hit the “Do Not Sign In” button and you’re done! You’ve made a Guest Account.

I hope this quick tutorial was good enough to solve any problems you might have had with your PS4. If you need more help with other PS4 related problems, check out our other articles in regards to that.

Guest Account Creation Video Guide:

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