How To Unlock EVERYTHING in Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari

There’s a lot of new stuff to unlock!

There’s a big new DLC for Vampire Survivors and it adds a ton of things to the game. From new characters to even secret characters as well as new maps for you to play in. The game is still getting the love it deserves as one of the best Indie games out there. Now that there’s a new DLC we’ll need to unlock new stuff in the game.

In this guide we’ll show you how to unlock every single new unlockable in the game. That means all the new characters as well as secret ones and stages. Now get ready since some of these can be tough to do!

Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari – How To Unlock EVERYTHING

So a big DLC just came out for Vampire Survivors and of course we’ll need to unlock a lot of stuff. Just like the normal way of unlocking in the base game, it requires a bit of effort. Here are all the unlockables you can get in the game and how to unlock them!

Eleanor, Maruto and Keitha

We’ll start off with the characters that you can unlock through normal play. You’ll first need to unlock Eleanor, then use her to unlock Maruto and then him to unlock Keitha. Unlocking them is quite easy if you already know how to play the game. All of these characters are unlocked through the new Lake Foscari map.

Eleanor can be unlocked by getting to the coffin where she is. To go there you’ll need to go north till the tree wall and the west and north following a dirt path. Follow the path till you hit a bridge and cross it and continue north. You’ll enter a mushroom area and further north you’ll find a mushroom village. Enter the village and in the center is the coffin where you find Eleanor.

To unlock Maruto you’ll need to play as Eleanor and unlock all of her unique weapons. When you get to Level 10 you get Spellstream and at Level 20 you get Spellstrike. Get both abilities to level 6 to permanently unlock them. Once you have all 3 spell items, you’ll need to level them up to max level you can then get Spellstrom and unlock Maruto.

To unlock Keitha you’ll need to play as Maruto. When playing as Maruto max out his weapon and get a max level armor. This will give you the evolved version of the weapon and will unlock Keitha.

Unlocking the Abyss Foscari

The next thing to unlock is the secret level the Abyss Foscari. This level is used to unlock other secret characters in the game, so you’ll need to unlock this first. In our guide on how to unlock the Abyss Foscari we go more in-depth on how to do it, so check it out. It’ll mainly use Keitha and the evolved weapon that character can get.

Unlocking Luminaire and Genevieve

Once you’ve unlocked the secret level you can then pick Maruto and play on that level. Make sure to try and get his evolved weapon and look for the question mark on the map. This will lead to the red crystal which can be destroyed by running up to it with the evolved weapon. This will unlock Luminaire, a secret character in the game.

To unlock another secret character, you’ll want to play as Eleanor in the same level. This time look for the blue crystal that’s marked by a question mark. You’ll need her evolved weapon to destroy the crystal just like with Maruto. Make sure you don’t go behind the crystal because there’s an instant-kill enemy there.

Once the crystal is broken a boss fight will start and the boss will eat all your weapons. You’ll need to use the weapons on the ground to deal enough damage to it to finish the fight. Doing so will unlock Genevieve.

Item Unlocks

One item that you can unlock is the Prismatic missile, and it’s quite simple. All you need to do is survive for 15 minutes as Luminaire to unlock the Prismatic Missile, then evolve it with a crown to unlock it for future runs.

Survive for 15 minutes with Genevieve and you’ll unlock the Shadow Servant. Evolve the Shadow Servant to unlock it for future runs. To do this you’ll need the max level Shadow Servant and Skull O’Maniac.

Unlocking Je-Ne-Viv, Sammy and Rottin’ Ghoul

To unlock another secret character, Je-Ne-Viv, you’ll need to defeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Genevieve. I highly suggest you do it endless mode since this might take a while. There’s a ton of different item builds you can go for to basically make you immortal so this will only take some time.

Another secret character is Sammy you can unlock is Sammy and to do that you’ll need to defeat 6000 Sammies. Above is the area of the map where you can find a place where a lot of them spawn in. So just stay there and kill a lot of Sammies!

The last character you can unlock is the Rottin’ Ghoul and to do that you’ll need to defeat 6000 Rotting Ghouls. These enemies spawn in the secret map of the Abyss Foscari. Again, above shows where you can find a lot of Rotting ghouls. This can only be accessed though after you destroy the red crystal.

Congratulations you now know how to unlock all the new stuff in Vampire Survivors! Now go out there and try to do it yourself!

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