Vampire Survivors: How To Find All Crystals

Those Crystals are holding secrets!

Vampire Survivors just came out with a new DLC and with it comes new stuff for players to find and unlock! The game really is a beacon of Indie game design success as it blew up last year with thousands of players enjoying it. The game is still alive and kicking and with the new update there’s new secrets players can find.

In this guide we’ll show you how to find all the Crystals in the new DLC. Some of these Crystals are used to unlock characters so it’s a good idea to look for them! Now ready your favorite builds because some of these are hard to get to!

How To Find All Crystals In Vampire Survivors

For those who don’t know, the DLC didn’t just add 3 characters but a lot more. There’s even a whole secret level that you can unlock. To unlock the secret characters and levels though you’ll need to find all the crystals in the game. Good thing about these crystals is that they need to be found in the right order so it’s easy to follow. Here’s how to find all the crystals in the game.

Green Crystal

The first Crystal is the green crystal and it’s the one that is used to unlock the secret level. This secret level is called the Abyss Foscari and in our guide on how to unlock this place we go in more detail so check it out. The gist of it is that you’ll need to use Keitha’s evolved weapon and go to the Crystal and touch it. This will unlock the secret level and let you get to the other two crystals.

Red Crystal

For the Red Crystal you’ll need to use Maruto in the Abyss Foscari. You’ll then need to evolve his weapon and get to the crystal on the map. The crystal is marked by question mark on the map and it’s a bit difficult to get there so keep that in mind. Same thing as the previous crystal, you’ll just need to touch it.

Blue Crystal

Just like the Red Crystal the blue one will only appear as a question mark on the map with the right character. This time it’s Eleanor and all you need to do is follow the question mark to get there. This crystal also needs the evolved weapon of the character to activate.

Congratulations you now know how to find the crystals in Vampire Survivors. Now go out there and try to do it yourself!

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