Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock SECRET Characters in Tides of the Foscari – Luminaire & Genevieve

Of course the DLC includes secret characters!

Unlocking secrets in video games can be found, especially if you just stumble upon them. Sometimes there’s just that secret area that you accidentally enter that’s filled with loot. Maybe it’s a secret character that you unlock through certain actions. Whatever the case maybe they’re always a welcomed find. Sometimes though you’ll want to skip the exploring and go straight to the unlocking!

In Vampire Survivors there’s a new DLC that just came out. With it comes new characters to unlock but also new secret characters too! In this guide we’ll show you how to unlock the new secret characters in the game!

How to Unlock SECRET Characters in Tides of the Foscari – Luminaire & Genevieve | Vampire Survivors

So the new DLC adds new secret characters to unlock. First, you’ll need to unlock the normal characters that the DLC has though. These characters are Eleanor, Maruto and Keitha. You’ll also need to unlock the secret area which is the Abyss Foscari. In our guide on how to unlock this area we go more in-depth on how to do it so be sure to check it out!

Unlocking Luminaire Foscari

So, to unlock the first secret character you’ll need to pick Maruto and select the Abyss Foscari. You’ll then need to level up and evolve Maruto’s weapon which you should already have done for unlocking Keitha. Just a reminder you’ll need the weapon max leveled as well as max level armor.

Then go to the Southwest corner of the map and look for the question mark there. You’ll then find the red crystal which you’ll need to interact once you have the evolved weapon. A cutscene will play and it’ll unlock the secret character Luminaire Foscari.

Unlocking Genevieve Gruyere

For the next character you’ll need to use Eleanor this time. Same as before where you’ll need to maximize your items. For Eleanor that means getting all the spell items up to Spellstrom. Once you have it go to the question mark on the map to the west, but you’ll need to go southwest to get there.

Once you find the blue crystal and have max Spellstrom you can then walk up to it. Don’t walk behind it or the thing behind the crystal will kill you.

If done correctly an animation will play and the crystal will be removed. The insta-kill thing behind it needs to be shot until it moves. It’ll get out of the wall and will eat all of your weapons. The only way to fight it is to get the weapons on the ground.

During the battle Prismatic Missiles will spawn, get those and save some chests to evolve them later. At the Level 8 of the missiles, you can get a chest and it’ll evolve to a Luminaire.

Once the boss is defeated the character will fade out and a white death will kill you. This will unlock Genevieve Gruyere!

Congratulations you now know how to unlock the secret characters in the new Vampire Survivors DLC. Now go out there and try it your yourself!

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