How to Win Every Time in WWE 2K23 MyGM

Become a MyGM god with this guide.

WWE is back with its yearly 2K release and WWE fans are once again having fun playing as their favorite wrestlers. A popular game mode that fans love to play is MyGM, in which you play the role of a general manager. You will be drafting superstars, booking matches and rivalries, managing contracts, and calling the shots on your journey to become the greatest general manager in WWE history.

MyGM is very hard if you aren’t making the right choices, so how can you win? Well, we have a guide here for those who are struggling.

WWE 2K23 – How to Win Every Time in MyGM


When you are drafting your superstars, you will need to forget everything you know about the wrestlers. It doesn’t matter how good they are in real life, because the game works very differently than that.

When you draft, you need to look at three things: Stamina, Popularity, and Star Power. These three stats are the key to having a successful run in MyGM.

When you draft, make sure that you are bringing in a variety of classes. Managing a variety of superstars helps in winning MyGM, because you will be encountering a variety of classes.

Bruisers have great math ups with Fighters, Cruisers also match up well with Giants, and Specialists will be fine against any class (although they don’t have that big of a boost). You should also make sure to have Heels and Faces as well.

While drafting, don’t blow all of your budget. Save at least $100,000 to get some decent matches for your superstars, as well as buy some Power Cards for your playthrough.

Drafting requires a bit of organization and smart choices, which is a lot like being an adult when you think about it.

Managing Your Wrestlers

When setting up your matches, you will need to put two Tag Team Title matches and a Singles match for the Mid Card Title.

Doing so will boost the popularity of many of your stars by a lot. This is important as you will be setting up rivalries in the beginning as well, which helps boost popularity too. Having a couple of champions in your roster helps too, so doing this is recommended.

As you set up matches for your wrestlers, take note that you should balance out who gets to make an appearance and who gets to rest. If one of your wrestlers doesn’t make an appearance, they will gain a lot of Stamina, but their Popularity will take a hit. It’s important to have your wrestlers make an appearance every now and then.

Speaking of Stamina, some matches can take a chunk of your wrestler’s stamina. This is why it’s important to choose the ones that have a higher Stamina stat, as they can go on for longer and they can put on quite a show. But don’t push them too hard, as they need to rest too.

That’s why it’s also recommended to have your other wrestlers take the spotlight every now and then. Don’t play favorites.

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