Best GM to Pick in WWE 2K23

The first choice is always the most important one.

When you first have your MyGM experience in WWE 2K23, you will have to select a GM. GM is just General Manager, and there are some good choices for you to pick out when you have the option. You can even create your own custom character to be the general manager, allowing you to further immerse yourself in the world of WWE.

However, who is the best GM that you can pick? In this guide, we will show you the best GM you can pick and why.

WWE 2K23 – Best GM to Pick

It Is None Other than Stephanie McMahon

There’s something about the McMahon in the wrestling industry that makes them great, and Stephanie McMahon is no exception to that.

In MyGM, she is considered the best GM to pick because of her amazing Power Card called “The McMahon Presence”. Now that this does is that you can earn twice as much money from arena attendance.

When you get this card, money will no longer be a problem. Usually, the draft will drain you of your cash. Whatever is left is mostly reserved for booking matches and such. For Stephanie, it’s no problem.

When you play this Power Card on Week 1 of a season, you are giving yourself a strong boost. As MyGM goes on, the value becomes more and more valuable until it reaches the millions.

With Stephanie McMahon and “The McMahon Presence” Power Card, money will never be a problem.

You want to buy all of the Power Cards? Done. You want to sign Legends? Go right ahead. Renew contracts? Here’s some cash for that.

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