A Complete Guide to RIVALRIES in WWE 2K23 MyGM

Learn how to create a rivalry with this guide.

Being a general manager in MyGM for wrestlers is hard work. Having to draft superstars, book matches, and even set up rivalries between other wrestlers. There is something about rivalries between two wrestlers that gets the people going, so having a good rivalry between two wrestlers is great to have in MyGM.

If you don’t know how the Rivalries system works, then you can read this guide to help you get a better understanding of the gameplay feature.

WWE 2K23 – A Complete Guide to RIVALRIES in MyGM

How Do Rivalries Work?

How Rivalries work is simple: two wrestlers will essentially have beef with each other and the crowd goes wild for it. This in turn causes viewership to go up and the popularity of both wrestlers as well.

There are four levels of Rivalry with different results:

  • Level 0 = 0 Stars
  • Level 1 = 1 Star
  • Level 2 = 2 Stars
  • Level 3 = 3 Stars
  • Level 4 = 5 Stars

Now you may be wondering “Wait, why is Level 4 equal to 5 Stars? Shouldn’t it be 4 Stars?” Yes, but on a specific condition.

When you pit two rival wrestlers against each other with Level 4 Rivalry in a weekly show, then you will get 4 Stars. To get 5 Stars, you need to have both wrestlers fight each other on a Premium Live Event.

If you plan on having your rival wrestlers fight each other in a weekly show, then your Rivalry will go down significantly.

You will notice that the first time you have both wrestlers fight each other in a weekly show, it will have a 4 Star Rivalry. However, if you do it again, you will instead end up with 2 Stars. That’s because the rivalry is getting stale for the viewers. You have to save the rivalry for special occasions.

Now how can you start Rivalries? There are a variety of ways to do so. The number one way, of course, is to have them fight each other.

But other more efficient ways include Call Outs, Steel Cage, and Triple Threat Matches. However I do advise that you use the Steel Cage and Triple Threat Matches sparingly, as these will severely affect the wrestlers’ stamina.

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