Inflexion Games Expands Nightingale’s Reach with Oceanic Servers & Announces Offline Mode

Oceania servers are up!

In a recent announcement on their Discord channel, Inflexion Games, who’s behind the popular game Nightingale revealed that they have expanded their server coverage to include the Oceania region. This expansion opens up new opportunities, enabling many players in the region to engage with Nightingale for the first time.

The company stated:

“We’ve just rolled out additional servers for Nightingale in Oceania! At the moment, we are still working on getting servers up and running in South America so we will keep you posted when we have further news on that.”

Inflexion Games on Discord

To access the new server in the Oceania region, players will need to create a new character. The company thanked its players for their patience and encouraged them to report any issues they encounter.

In addition to the server expansion, the company also addressed the recent player backlash regarding Nightingale’s online-only mode. On February 22nd, they announced plans to develop an offline mode for the game. The company acknowledged that their initial focus on co-operative gameplay across multiple Realms may have overlooked the needs of some players.

The announcement read:

“We are now prioritizing and developing an offline mode that we plan to release as soon as feasible. Keep an eye on our social channels and Discord for updates in the coming weeks alongside other things we’re working on.”

Inflexion Games on Discord

Despite the shift in focus, the company assured players that the development of the offline mode would not hinder their ability to deliver regular feature development, updates, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes. They also noted that they are considering how offline players could potentially affect online players and promised to address these concerns in a future update.

This series of announcements underscores the company’s commitment to improving the Nightingale experience for all players, regardless of their location or preferred mode of play. As the journey continues, players eagerly await the new developments in store for Nightingale.


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