Lantern Location – The Witcher 3 Next Gen

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Witcher 3’s next gen update features a whole lot of new things to enjoy. From the RayTracing features to 4k textures, you are sure to find the next gen update of The Witcher 3 very enjoyable and worthy of another playthrough, even if it is your 100th playthrough at this point. One of the newest features that were added on to the game is the ability to have a lantern now, which the old version of The Witcher 3 did not have. With that said, here’s a guide on how to find the lantern.

The Witcher 3 Next Gen – Lantern Location

Go to the cave near Hanged Man’s Tree

After completing the prologue and gaining access to Velen, or No Man’s Land, you can find a cave near Hanged Man’s Tree.

You can spot the cave by finding some construction right next to it.

By the entrance to the cave, you can find a Candle Lantern on the side. Loot it and you can equip the item. You will no longer have to rely on the torch anymore, as the lantern is attached to your back at all times.

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