Ultimate Witcher 3 Endgame Sign Build – Griffin Sign Build

It may be called the Griffin school, but honestly it feels like mule school

This build looks to take advantage of the Griffin Gear ability that allows your Yrden Traps to be increased by 40%, and gives you stamina regeneration and sign intensity increase by 100%, and a reduced amount of damage. Why do we want to lock ourselves into this? Because this build uses Griffin school and armor to double down on the signs, the Witcher’s magic system.  You’ll use fire primarily to deal damage over time with the burning effect with the trap increasing the damage every moment they’re in your trap. Because of this, this playstyle leans heavily on the Quen shield to help us survive since our range of motion is limited by needing to stand within our Yrden sign barrier. Who doesn’t love the idea of turning everyone’s favorite Witcher into a fire breathing dragon?

Griffin Sign Build For Endgame Players

Combat Skills And Sign Skills necessary For Build

Combat Skills are always essential, and we start out our combat skill line up with Muscle Memory for some extra damage for the occasional time you do use it.

However, it’s more important to get razor focus which muscle memory is a prerequisite for. We specifically want this because we are going to combine it with replenishment so that our powerful signs can be combined with our sword skills to hopefully regenerate more adrenaline.

But we’re going to invest most of our power into the sign skills, starting with Melt Armor to accompany our Firestream and Igni Intensity to ramp up the damage.

We’ll also grab the Sustained Glyphs for our Yrden Sign. This let’s the signs last much longer and allows you to have two at once instead of just one. Yrden Intensity of course will power this up, but the super charged glyphs which drain the vitality or essence per second tips the scales in our favor, especially since the damage scales both with enemy level and sign intensity. This also generates a second ongoing damage alongside our Igni Damage, meaning that we can have multiple ongoing damage sources at the same time.

For Quen we’re going to need to get Exploding shield to push back enemies if our shield is broken, but the most powerful effect is the active shield which doesn’t drain stamina to be held up. It even does some healing and upgrades your regeneration in combat. Considering we’re stuck in the radius of our trap boost, this becomes incredibly important.

General Skill, Runes, And Equipment Needed

 We’ll be using the one general skill of Griffin School Techniques. This skill allows each piece of medium armor to increase our sign intensity by 5% and Stamina Regeneration by 5%. You’ll want to match this with a Protection Rune that gives you a 1200 Percent Chance to get a Quen shield stamina free when you enter combat.

This becomes particularly important when combined with Our Griffin gear, which at 3+ gear items allows us to cast a sign for free after we cast one normally. This means we can enter into combat, get Quen activated for free, trigger Yrden to gain our bonuses and buffs, then cast Igni without using any stamina. It’s a vicious combination in battle that allows you to take full advantage of the final ability of the Griffin armor. While within your Yrden Trap, your sign intensity is increased by 100%!

This combined with your Griffin school armor increase for 6 pieces for an additional 30% power increase, your signs deal out an incredible amount of damage for their stamina cost. Combine this with the Replenishment Rune and your incredibly powerful sign attack will be added to your next sword swing as you prepare to cast your next sign.

Combine this with the Replenishment Rune and your incredibly powerful sign attack will be added to your next sword swing as you prepare to cast your next sign. You’ll of course wish to choose Greater blue mutagen for increased sign intensity for all of your mutation points.

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