Insane Witcher 3 Next-Gen COMBAT Build | Feline Combat Build

Cat’s out of the bag on the best combat build if you’re going for Feline combat.

The feline combat build is based off of the Cat School in Witcher 3. This is a combat focus build that can make you strong enough to two shot most enemies in the game. We’ll be using the Feline Armor and combat Skills to heighten our combat capability to the maximum. Beware that taking this route does transform you into a little bit of a glass cannon. But power is worth the risk in my opinion. We’ll try to offset that a bit, but you will be a light armor high combat focus build, so skill is going to be a must and you are going to need to be careful.

Taking the Next Gen Feline Combat Build

Armor & Equipment for the Build

The first step is to armor up and get all of our equipment and arms. The Primary thing you need is the Feline Armor. No shock considering it’s named after the cat school that our combat build is named for. The biggest reason is that when you have 3 plus pieces of the set your Strong attacks increase fast attack damage for 5 seconds by 10% for each piece of the set, all the way up to 60%.

You might consider dropping it down to 50% in return for wielding the Aerondight Sword, as the rear attack ability is not very reliably triggered anyways. By sacrificing that 10% in fast attack increase, you instead generate 10% damage with each blow. Since we always make 2 blows with this build at least, it ends up bringing us out ahead on damage. Not to mention the sword increasing in power over time for every kill for the rest of the game.

Skills needed for the build

You’ll need muscle memory and strength training which will increase both your strong and fast attacks.

While our primary damage is in fast attack our build does need a first strong attack so we don’t want to leave that unbuffed. Precise Blows increases our critical hits, which since we’re doing a lot of fast attacks is particularly good, and gets even better when we include Whirl in it.

Since Whirl allows us an AOE of fast attacks, we can get the more swarm like enemies off us quickly. Also, it just looks really cool.

You’ll also want crippling strikes to apply bleeding, crushing blows for increased crit on our first attack, and Sunder Armor to lower enemy resistance and make them more susceptible to your attacks.

Deadly Precision is also a great skill, as while it won’t trigger all the time, instant kills on a build that abuses fast attacks trigger often enough to feel great.

 We’ll fight back against our glass cannon nature by including resolve and Undying in our Skills.

This quick revive and protection of our adrenaline points works well in our favor. Finally, Razor Focus gains us adrenaline points just by entering combat, and for every sword blow. Hard to pass up!

Mutation and Runes Needed For The Build

We will primarily want the BloodBath Mutation which makes every blow increase attack by 5% up to 250%. So long as you don’t get hit, that turns you into a killing machine the longer combat goes on. We’ll also want to choose greater red mutagens to maximize our attack power.

We’ll also want the replenishment Rune, as channeling our sign through our sword so it can gain the absurd buffs we’re including in our attacks is a great effect.

Retribution is also a great defensive Rune to have on hand to help keep you alive through any attacks that do manage to get through your defense. Anything that provides protection will be a good Rune choice though. Finally, we’ll want our namesake, the Cat School Techniques to round out our critical hit and fast attack damage.

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