Witcher 3: Secret Ending – Geralt Gets Possessed

One more Secret Ending!

The Next Gen free update has arrived and it is looking mighty powerful and great! Although some players are unsatisfied with it, you cannot argue how amazing it is since it is completely free! Plus on top of all that, it didn’t just upgrade the visuals, but it added a secret ending as well. Here we shall explore that secret ending. Let’s get started.

Geralt Gets Possessed – Witcher 3: Secret Ending

The new Secret Ending is an amazing piece of lore that you are able to achieve in The Witcher 3. To be able to get it however you will need to do a certain number of things. Here we shall present you with all of the steps for you to understand it better.

Starting The Quest

To be getting the new Secret Ending you shall first need to be starting the new quest that has been added to the game by the name of The Eternal Fire’s Shadow.

This is where you are able to find this quest and actually start it. You will need to go to the east of the Mullbrydale village or just southeast of the Hanged Man’s Tree. here you shall find an NPC that will be crying out for help inside the stone quarry.

The Eternal Fire’s Shadow

You will need to enter the quarry and completely eliminate all of the enemies. Then once the enemies are dead you will need to follow the waypoint given to you for the quest and then find this wooden gate door.

Proceed to follow the tunnel that will be found inside this cave and then while going inside, you will need to read the note that is found on the door on the left. You will need to go to this door and then after reading the note enter the door.

Boss Fight

You will be following the main road and you will be meeting with an NPC called Reinald. To be getting the last and new Secret Ending you shall need to be losing the fight entirely with him.

Once you lose the fight and you get actually killed by Possessed Reinald, Geralt will get a certain curse that will make him possessed as well and wake him up. This is how you get the secret ending and get Geralt to be fully possessed. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide has helped you out on how you can actually unlock and get this new Secret Ending. Have fun getting yourself!

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