Lethal Company: Advanced Tools Guide

Here are some creative ways to utilize some of the game’s items!

In Lethal Company, you and a group of friends travel to various moons in order to collect scrap to meet a certain profit quota. Along the way, you will be purchasing or finding all sorts of useful items that will help (or sometimes hinder you) as you search for loot to bring back. In this guide, we’ll be going through most of the items in the game and how you can use them to your advantage.

Advanced Tools Guide

There is a wide range of gear that you can either buy or find within each facility that have very straightforward uses, but some of them can be utilized in more creative manners.

Let’s go through most of the items in the game and how you can use them in ways that you may not have thought about.


Keys are items that you can find within each facility, and they can be used to open locked doors. They cannot be purchased, but you can store them in the ship for later use.

One creative way to use them is by throwing them on the ground while in a moon under stormy conditions. Doing this will keep lightning strikes from hitting you or your crew, and you can even lure outdoor monsters into them by dropping them.

Lethal Company lightning strike on key

Fuse Box/Breaker Panel

The fuse box can be found on certain places in the facility, and opening it reveals several switches. If a switch is set to the left side, it is on, while on the flip side, it is turned off.

Ideally, especially if nobody is monitoring the group from the ship, you should turn all of these on as it controls the lights and doors in other rooms. You can also use this to trap monsters if nobody is using the terminal at the ship.

Lethal Company fuse box


Walkietalkies are incredibly cheap and can be very useful for relaying information to your team across the map. Just make sure not to talk over one another if you have multiple of these in the group.

Keeping it on can also be a decent way to keep track of the time, as the battery lasts almost as long as a full ingame day.

It should also be noted that you can communicate with the walkie-talkie via text, which can be useful if you’re trying to avoid attracting any nearby monsters (especially eyeless dogs outside).

Lethal Company walkie talkie

The Flashlights

Pro-flashlights and regular ones are used to illuminate your surroundings, and the only real tip when it comes to using them is to not leave them on for prolonged periods of time.

This is because they have a limited battery life, with the regular flashlight having half as much capacity as the pro variant.

Lethal Company pro flashlight

The Shovel & Signs

The shovel, as well as the Stop and Yield signs, can be used to knock out various creatures. This can be especially useful against Thumpers, Hoarding Bugs, Bunker Spiders, and Snare Fleas.

Just be careful, especially when swinging it around allies or when trying to remove Snare Fleas from their heads, as these weapons do have friendly fire and can lead to your teammate’s death.

Another extra tip is to sell any signs that you get after a run, as they are incredibly heavy and can easily be worth enough money to get you a shovel anyway.

Lethal Company shovel

The Boombox

Boomboxes can be used to lure in monsters, such as slimes, into certain rooms so that you can trap them or simply lead them away from your team.

It can also be left playing music at entrances to make it easier for people to find their way back in case they get lost inside a facility.

Lethal Company boombox

The Lockpicker

The lockpicker can be purchased at a relatively low price, and it is used to open locked doors. Although it functions like a key, it is not consumed on use.

Its main drawback is that it takes thirty seconds to unlock a door with it, and it is also pretty heavy, so you will be slower while you have one with you.

Lethal Company lockpicker

Extension Ladders

The Extension Ladder is a deployable ladder that will help you open up alternative routes outside, which can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to rush into a fire exit.

Check this guide out: Lethal Company: How to Navigate All Moons Guide | Shortcuts for some tips and tricks that you can do with extension ladders in certain maps, especially in Titan, where you can use it as a way to quickly store loot.

Lethal Company extension ladder

Radar Booster

The Radar Booster is mainly used as an extra pair of eyes for the person watching over your team through the terminal in the ship.

However, with a bit of planning with the rest of your squad, you can use its pinging mechanism as a way to direct one another or to guide players to the exit if it was placed near the main door.

Lethal Company radar booster

Stun Grenades

The stun grenades are explosives that, as the name implies, can be used to temporarily stun monsters. It has a short fuse that will start once you remove the pin, so make sure to throw it immediately after to avoid hurting yourself.

They are pretty expensive, but they can be used as a last resort tool for saving teammates. They don’t work on some monsters, however, such as the Ghost Girl.

Lethal Company stun grenade


The TZP-Inhalant is an item that, when used, will buff your stamina and speed depending on how long you inhale it. Unfortunately, this also heavily affects your vision, which makes it a fairly bad investment in most cases.

It may be useful for transporting bee hives, as you will easily be able to outrun Circuit Bees, but its steep price makes it mostly useless outside of that niche use.

Lethal Company circuit bee hive

Loud Horn

The Loud Horn is a piece of ship equipment that is primarily used for luring Eyeless Dogs away from the ship entrance so that your teammates can run in. It can also be used as a signaling mechanism if your team has agreed on a meaning for the horn’s sound.

Just be careful not to be too close to the back of the ship when you pull the cord, as dogs can clip through the wall and potentially get you.

Lethal Company loud horn

Teleporter & Inverse Teleporter

The Teleporter and Inverse Teleporter are useful for escaping or entering the facility in a pinch. The regular teleporter is used by pressing the red button on the terminal, and this will send back the player currently being monitored back to the ship, dropping all of their items in the process.

The inverse teleporter, on the other hand, will teleport players standing on top of it into a random spot inside the facility. Although useful for rushing in, it can put you in front or directly on top of traps.

Lethal Company inverse teleporter

The Ship Terminal

The ship terminal has a lot of uses, including allowing one person to monitor what each of their other team members are doing.

The person watching over the rest of the crew can also use it to close/open doors, temporarily shut off turrets and mines, warn people of nearby monsters, and more.

Lethal Company ship terminal

The Zap Gun

Zap Guns are fairly expensive tools that you can use to stun monsters (or even allies, if you so desire). It can be incredibly useful when paired with a teammate carrying a shovel or sign, as you can get rid of most creatures with this combination.

Lethal Company zap gun


Finally, while they aren’t exactly tools, it is worth noting that vents you see inside facilities are where monsters spawn. There is an audio cue warning you when a monster is about to pop up, so be careful around them.

Lethal Company vent

And that’s pretty much it for this Lethal Company guide. The developers may add more tools in the future, so keep an eye out for their update notes whenever a new patch rolls out!

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