Lethal Company: Entity Spawn Mechanics Guide

Use your brains, not your shovels.

Lethal Company is a horror co-op game that has been taking over the world by storm due to its fun gameplay. Of course, everyone can have fun playing with friends. But Lethal Company offers hours and hours of fun because of how unpredictable it can be when you’re facing the entities in the game.

But did you know that you can calculate how many entities can spawn while playing? In this guide, I will explain to you the entity spawn mechanics. That way, you can calculate if you’re either going to be safe, or you’re screwed.

Entity Spawn Mechanics Guide

To get started, let’s talk about Power. No, not the character from Chainsaw Man or powers you can use in the game. In a game sense, I’m talking about the power the game has to summon entities while you’re playing. Each moon has their own power to summon entities. These are called Indoor Power and Outdoor Power.

Each moon will have different Indoor Power cap and Outdoor Power cap. This ties to the entities as well, as each entity has a power cost.

For example, if Assurance summons a Bracken, it will cost 3 Indoor Power. Assurance has 6 max Indoor Power, so that power will go down to 3 once the Bracken spawns.

Bracken on the right side of the screen in Lethal Company.

But if you somehow kill the Bracken, you won’t have to worry about the moon spawning a Bracken again. Why? It’s because Bracken’s can only be spawned once throughout your time on the moon.

Killing a Bracken does mean that they do get that 3 power back to summon other indoor entities like Hoarding Bugs or a Thumper, as the moon has full Indoor Power again.

But if you somehow are able to kill all 4 Thumpers (because Thumpers can spawn up to 4 times), Thumpers won’t be able to spawn as well. Same goes for killing all 8 Hoarding Bugs.

You can learn more about the other enemies on the list by checking out this comprehensive guide for all of the enemies in Lethal Company.

Moons, Their Indoor Power & Outdoor Power

Now that we know how entities spawn, I can now show you each moons and their power. That way, you can do the math yourself and see how many entities can be spawned.

Here are the moons, as well as their Indoor and Outdoor Power:

MoonsIndoor PowerOutdoor Power
Experimentation4 Power8 Power
Assurance6 Power8 Power
Vow7 Power6 Power
Offense12 Power8 Power
March14 Power12 Power
Rend10 Power6 Power
Dine15 Power6 Power
Titan18 Power7 Power
Moons in the terminal in Lethal Company.

Entity Powers

Up next, I will now show you powers and max spawns of each entity in the game.

Here are the entities and their power level and max spawns:

EntitiesType of EntityPower LevelMax Spawn
Snare FleaIndoor1 Power4
Bunker SpiderIndoor3 Power1
Hoarding BugIndoor1 Power8
BrackenIndoor3 Power1
HygrodereIndoor1 Power2
Ghost GirlClassified as Indoor, despite being able to chase after players outside the facility2 Power1
Spore LizardIndoor1 Power2
NutcrackerIndoor1 Power10
Coil HeadIndoor1 Power5
JesterIndoor3 Power1
MaskedClassified as Indoor, despite being able to chase after players outside the facility1 Power10
Eyeless DogOutdoor2 Power8
Forest KeeperOutdoor3 Power3
Earth LeviathanOutdoor2 Power3
Baboon HawkOutdoor1 Power15
Circuit BeeDaytime1 Power6
ManticoilDaytime1 Power16
Roaming LocustDaytime1 Power5
Entities in Lethal Company.

That’s all you need to know about the entity spawn mechanics for Lethal Company. Did this guide help you understand all you need to know for the spawning mechanics? Let us know in the comments below.

And if you want to learn about the spawning frequencies for all of the entities in Lethal Company on each moon, you can check out this in-depth guide.


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