Lethal Company: Ultimate Navigation Guide | Best Strategies

These strategies will save your life.

Wandering around the facilities in moons, desperately trying to find objects to save you from being kicked out into space, is all fun and games until you get lost and are unable to find your way out of the facility in Lethal Company.

Since the facilities are randomly generated each time you enter, it is not possible to memorize them either. However, there are still some tactics that you can use to make it easier for yourself. Let’s see the best strategies you can use in the game to navigate on the moons.

Ultimate Navigation Guide

Door Strategy

This strategy is only available in the mansion. It does not work at other facilities. But it can still make it a lot simpler to get out of the mansion. Since most of the dangerous enemies spawn on this moon, a tactic will probably save your life. The door strategy is all about examining the door handles you come across.

According to this theory, if the door handle is on the right side of the door, it means that you are going deeper into the mansion. If the door handle is on the left, it means that you are getting closer to the main entrance.

With this strategy, all you need to do is keep following the doors with left door handles, and you are going to get to the front door faster than ever!

Inspecting the door handle in Lethal Company.

Wall Strategy

The wall strategy requires you to simply keep following a wall while navigating inside the facility. If you do this with a group of friends, there will be two people going in the main. One hugs the wall to the left, while the other heads right. You can pretty much clean everything in this way.

Wall strategy in Lethal Company.

Spray Paint Strategy

The last strategy we have is just using the spray paint that was added to the game in Update 45. You can either choose yourself a symbol that shows that you are on the right path or discuss it with your friends. Either way, this will save your life and make it very easy for you to find the exit.

Spray can in Lethal Company.

These are all the strategies for navigation in Lethal Company! Feel free to share your own experiences with navigating in the game to help others even more. Up next, make sure to check out our Enemies Danger Tier List for Lethal Company as well – we rank the entities with the highest threat!


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