Lethal Company: How to Get Coil & Jester Stuck on Mansion Tile

Unstoppable forces meets immovable object.

Lethal Company, while a fun co op game to play with games, is a horror game that will scare you half to death if you have a weak heart. The game not only has terrifying ambience and atmosphere, but it also has the monsters to boot.

There are two monsters that Lethal Company players dread to encounter: the Coil Head and Jester. These two monsters will stop at nothing until they tear you apart and hitting them won’t do anything. But what about getting them stuck? In this guide, I will show you how to get the Coil Head and Jester stuck on the mansion tile in Lethal Company.

How to Get Coil & Jester Stuck on Mansion Tile

Before we begin, bear in mind that this is only possible on the moons with the mansion. Other maps where it’s only the facility will not be usable with this method. Also, try and get at least another person to do this with you. The Coil Head method is optional, but the Jester method is required.

The enemies of Lethal Company are all terrifying beings that will kill you if you are not careful. While some of them can be killed by hitting them with a shovel or a stop sign, there are some monsters that cannot be killed no matter how many times you hit them, and those are the Coil Head and Jester.

Coil Head Method

Starting with the Coil Head, you will first need to have the Coil Head at the top of the stairs. Any side is fine as long as they are near the railing. Keep using quick looks to lure the Coil Head towards you without getting killed.

Coil Head method in Lethal Company.

Keep doing this until you successfully get the Coil Head on the railing. But don’t keep your eyes off it yet, as this is step 1. With that Coil Head on the railing, jump down to the ground while keeping your eyes on the Coil Head still.

Coil Head on railing in Lethal Company.

Now while the Coil Head is on the railing, you will again need to do quick looks while standing near the staircase. This is important, because we need the Coil Head to be heading to the staircase instead of straight to the ground. Once the Coil Head is floating above the ground, keep your eyes on it again.

Coil Head mid air in Lethal Company.

With the Coil Head now in mid air, this next part is crucial. You will need to approach the knob part of the railing and stand there, all while looking at the Coil Head. The Coil Head should automatically snap to the railing, trapping it there forever.

Railing knob on Lethal Company.

This can also be done on the bookshelves as well. Just follow the same method but instead of leaving them until they’re floating mid air, make sure they’re closer to the bookshelf when you approach the knob, which immediately snaps them to the bookshelf and trapping them there.

Coil Head on bookshelf alternative method in Lethal Company.

Jester Method

For the Jester method, this requires the second player to help you. It starts off relatively the same. Lure the Jester to the railing until they’re standing on it. Then, either zap the Jester with the Zap Gun or wait until it starts winding up before dropping down.

Jester method in Lethal Company.

While the Jester is winding up, have one player stand by the door and the other between the staircase and the pillar that holds up the second floor.

Jester method in Lethal Company.

The final part is important. Failure means the Jester chases the nearest player and kills them. When the Jester comes out and jumps off the balcony, you will need to jump at the right time so that they snap to the railing. If you do it successfully, the Jester will snap onto the railing and be stuck there like the Coil Heads.

However, if you are too late to jump, the Jester will land on the ground and start chasing you or the other player by the door. But if you jump early, the Jester will go back to the railing and will try again until it lands on the ground. Technically, it just resets until you get the timing right, so you won’t have to worry about jumping early. It’s jumping late that is punishing.

Jester jumping down in Lethal Company.

That’s all you need to know on how to get the Coil Head and Jester stuck on the mansion tile in Lethal Company. Did this guide help you understand the methods on how to get these two monsters stuck? Let us know in the comments below.

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