Lethal Company: Best Maps for Grinding Early Quota Guide

Which maps should you be playing?

Lethal Company is a game where you collect scrap from dangerous locations full of traps and monsters to meet a certain profit quota. It was recently released and has quickly risen in popularity, so more people are hopping into this new co-op experience. With that in mind, according to the community, which maps are the best for grinding in the game?

Best Maps for Grinding Early Quota Guide

The general consensus by most players is that you should save up to go into the higher difficulty moons as soon as you can, as they provide the most profit despite being the most dangerous of the bunch.

Here’s a quick rundown of each map so you can decide for yourself which ones you are willing to (hopefully safely) explore for the most loot.

Lethal Company carrying a big bolt

Beginner Moons

These are the ones you will want to farm early on until you can afford to go into the highest tier maps. They typically have lower monster spawn rates, but don’t get complacent as they are still just as deadly.

  • Experimentation – Considered to be the easiest tier 1 map, it has a fire exit that is easy to access, making it great for splitting up and hoarding a ton of loot.
  • Assurance – Slightly better loot, but the entrance is unfortunately not as accessible as the other maps in the same tier.
  • Vow – Loot is similar to that of Assurance, but the giants in this map can be quite annoying to deal with if you don’t know how to avoid them.
Lethal Company map selection

Intermediate Moons

The maps under this category are basically alternative choices for when you cannot afford to go into better moons. If you insist on going into these, just keep in mind that they will be deadlier than the previous ones.

  • March – Can be a very lucrative map if you split up and rush for the loot, though the giants can be a problem if your team takes too much time running around.
  • Offense – Some consider this to be the worst map due to the lack of cover against giants, and it is also just hard to navigate through this moon in general.
Lethal Company March gameplay

Expert Moons

These moons are considered to have the best loot, and those who are trying to min/max the game should strive to get into these as soon as possible.

  • Dine – It is very lucrative due to the high loot spawn rate, though this is offset by the deadly monsters that commonly show up here.
  • Rend – Similar to the previous map, this also has a ton of loot but also an equal amount of monsters that will try to kill you.
  • Titan – This is considered to be the best map for this tier, as it is very accessible and it is insanely easy to bring loot to your ship. Just watch out for monsters, as usual.
Lethal Company Titan gameplay

And that concludes this guide. Hopefully this helps you decide which maps to play or avoid if you’re really going for maximum efficiency.

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