Lethal Company: Best Mods To Install

Try out these mods to spice up your game!

Lethal Company Best Mods To Install

The beauty of PC gaming is that most games can be modded. Some games have their mod tools while others need a bit more effort to mod them. With the rising popularity of Lethal Company, there have been more mods made for the game. Some of them are small changes to make things better while others can change the way you play with friends.

Best Mods To Install

There are a lot of different mods in Lethal Company that you can install. Some of them can be wacky while others just change a few things here and there. Here are some of the best mods you can try out!

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Mods For Mods To Work

  • BepInExPack – A must-have mod for most mods to work in the game.
  • LC API – A modding API for Lethal Company, needed for most mods.

Lobby Mods

  • More Company – Normally you can only play with 3 other players in the 4-player coop game. With this mod, you can increase the maximum number of players. More people, mistakes, and more fun!
  • Late Company – When the ship lands in a game you can’t join in anymore until they go back. With this mod, you can join the game whenever no need to wait!
Lethal Company Gameplay

Quality Of Life Improvements

  • LC Symphony – This mod makes it, so you skip the intro and go straight to Online.
  • LethalRebinding – Allows the rebinding of almost all the controls in the game.
  • LetMeLookDown – Let’s you look down all the way…Well, almost.
  • ShipLoot – A simple mod that shows you the total value of loot on the ship when scanning.
  • ShipClock – Another simple mod that displays the time inside the ship.
  • ObjectVolumeController – This makes it so you can lower or increase the sounds of the boombox and similar objects.
  • FixCetipedeLag – This fixes the sudden lag when destroying stuck centipede objects.
  • Helmet Cameras – This Replace the right secondary monitor with helmet cameras of the player you’re spectating.
Lethal Company Bloody Floor

Miscellaneous Mods

  • More Suits – Adds more suits and customization into the game.
  • Brutal Company – Adds RNG events into the game making it more difficult.

Those are all the best mods you can try out in Lethal Company. Now, go out there and try these mods out!

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