Lethal Company: Best Tips to Get Money

What are the best ways to earn some cash in Lethal Company?

In Lethal Company, you and a small group of friends will be looting dangerous abandoned moons in an attempt to gather up enough junk to make a profit for the titular organization. Throughout your adventures, you will need to save up some of your own money to buy useful tools and explore more dangerous locations. Here are a few tips on how you can get some more cash!

Best Tips to Get Money

The first and most obvious tip to making a lot of money is to ensure that nobody in the crew dies. Aside from being able to carry around more loot, preventing any deaths will ensure that your group doesn’t receive any penalties for losing members.

In the event that you do have casualties, try your best to bring their bodies to the ship. This is because you will get fined if you fail to bring their corpses back with you, making you lose even more money.

Lethal Company ghost girl

Maximize Inventory Space

In addition to scrap that you can hold with one hand and store in your inventory, there are also objects that require both hands to lug around.

Because of this, inventory management is an important aspect of making money in Lethal Company. Large items are way more valuable than the one-handed scrap, but you will have to be careful as you can’t use your other tools while carrying it.

Rather than leaving such items behind, you can leave them at the entrances. Doing this will prevent certain enemies from stealing your loot, and it will help maximize your profits at the end of a run as you can easily carry all this stuff back to the ship.

Lethal Company carrying 2 handed item

Maximizing Your Profit

Speaking of maximizing your profit, one way to increase how much money you earn is by simply waiting until the deadline for the quota is close.

This is incredibly risky, as you could easily lose all of your hard-earned scrap by the time you have zero days left to meet the quota, but doing so will also ensure that the company will pay you the maximum amount for scrap.

If your team is up for it, however, waiting until the very last day to sell all of your loot is one of the best ways to make the most money.

Lethal Company selling scrap

Use The Scanner

Finally, you should always take advantage of the scanner built into your suit. Not only will it highlight a building’s entrances and the location of your ship, but it will also tell you what the value of scrap items are, letting you determine whether something is worth carrying or not.

Lethal Company scanner in action

Those are pretty much all the tips we can give you. Now, get out there and try your best to not die as you collect loot from the many dangerous moons in the game!

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