Lethal Company: What Does Company Buy Mean?

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Lethal Company is a game where you are tasked in collecting anything salvageable on abandoned moons to sell for scrap. As you collect scraps, you will then have to bring it to the Company so you can sell it to them.

But there are often times when the prompt “Company Buy” pops up while you’re out collecting salvage. What does that mean? What does it do? Is it good to do it? In this guide, I will show you what Company Buy means in Lethal Company, and whether if it’s good or not.

What Does Company Buy Mean?

While out scavenging, you will sometimes get the Company Buy prompt. It will pop up sometimes as you go around each moons and planets. But what does it really do?

Well, what it does is that if you sell your scraps before the last day, you will only get 53% profits for instance, from the scraps you scavenged instead of getting all the profits when you reach the last day. The value will depend on the percentage.

You may be wondering why anyone would do this, but you will find yourself desperate for items if you don’t play your cards right. This will leave you without any items even before the last day.

Most would sell their scraps in order to get more items, which is fine. But if you manage your items well, you won’t have to sell them until the last day.

Selling scraps to the Company in Lethal Company.

That’s all you need to know about what Company Buy means in Lethal Company. Did this guide help you understand this mechanic in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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