Lethal Company: What Is The Bomb Below Company Building?

Don’t fiddle around with it alone!

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While exploring (or running away from the horrors unleashed upon you) in Lethal Company, you’ll eventually bump into the bomb underneath the Company Building. It’s a device that seems to not really have a function at the moment aside from looking rather intimidating.

Players have been messing around with it only to get nothing in return so it’s completely normal that its presence has been raising a few eyebrows. If you’re just as confused as us (just kidding we don’t get confused) then check out the bit of news we got below. We have a few ideas on what it might be.

What Is The Bomb Below Company Building?

Some players have mistaken the grooves on the bomb to be a socket for the power cores. Doing that has no real effect whatsoever. The only thing that the bomb has at the moment is some ominous writing that says “Don’t Tell.”

You heard it right here; the bomb is a dud for now. It might not even be a bomb to begin with. There are more details in the room hinting at what the device might be or what it does.

If you look at the wall facing the business end of the device, you’ll see some yellow paint. This might indicate the device’s use in the future.

Lethal Company Hidden Bomb

For now the bomb or whatever it might be will bide its time until a new update presents itself. It looks like that its very likely to happen given how much success the game is getting at the moment. Give the Lethal Company team a few weeks to work out the kinks. You’ll know what it is soon enough, now get back to work. You have scrap to salvage!

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