Project Slayers: Fastest Way to Get Max Mastery | Update 1.5

Let’s Maximize Mastery.

Project Slayers is a role-playing game set in a world full of villages and big towns where you need to fight for your community. While playing the game, you are going to see that there are a lot of skills available for you to directly level up until you reach Max Mastery. Improving your level in the game will let you deal more damage to your opponents while also unlocking new moves for you.

Your adventure is full of dangers that you must overcome, so you have no choice but to strive to perfect all of your skills. And, happily, with the new 1.5 update, there is a new approach to max mastery in Roblox Project Slayers!

Fastest Way to Get Max Mastery

Maxing your mastery is all about beating up bosses and enemies as much as you can. So the first thing you should do is to go to Ouwigahara Dungeon.

Ouwigahara is a hub game mode that involves fighting through endless levels against randomized opponents, with randomly assigned bosses every few minutes.

To go there, open the HUB and simply choose Ouwigahara.

Project Slayers Fastest Way to Get Max Mastery

So basically, you will need to slash monsters there until you hit at least 2000 points. But keep in mind that surviving in the dungeon might be hard for beginners or those who do not already have a high level. Thus, you might either want to get to a high level before you go there or you might want to bring 2 or 3 friends along with you for the fastest and easiest progress.

Project Slayers Chest

As you beat bosses in the dungeon, they will drop chests on the ground. Do not forget to loot all of them because they might have items that might be useful for you. Once you collect enough points, you should go to the menu store. There, you will need to purchase 2x Exp for 15 minutes in exchange for your points.

Project Slayers Fastest Way to Get Max Mastery

You will also need 2 Ores or Robux for the 2x EXP Potion.

Project Slayers EXP

After you get the potion, go to the glowing potion item in the shop and buy EXP points. You will get 300 EXP points for every 25 points you have.

Project Slayers Fastest Way to Get Max Mastery

And that is all for our Project Slayers: Fastest Way to Get Max Mastery Guide! The key point of this method is that you need to survive in the dungeons as much as you can and collect many points that can use in exchange for EXP. Hopefully, you can successfully maximize your mastery by following these steps. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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