Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Oil Jar

Unlock a CHEF alternate ability and wreak havoc in Risk of Rain Returns

Alternate abilities in Risk of Rain Returns can be really fun. Some of them are genuinely useful, like Huntress’ Laser Cyclone that deals insane amounts of damage and can be used almost infinitely, and some of them are just for fun.

CHEF has a fun and useful alternate utility ability called OIL JAR, which lets you toss out a jar of oil that slows down enemies and allows you to slide to move faster. 

How to Unlock Oil Jar

The in-game requirement for the OIL JAR ability (and the achievement “Grease Fire“) is to “simultaneously kill 15 oiled enemies using SEAR/FLAMBE. It’s not impossible to do this in a normal run with no special modifiers, but we have some ideas on how to make it easier.

The artifacts we recommend running are Artifact of Glass, Kin and Prestige. We also recommend increasing your damage dealt to 200% in the Rules menu. All of these steps are so that you can make enemies die faster.

Shows what the challenge looks like in-game.

With the Artifact of Kin, re-roll your run until you get Lemurians as the enemies in the First Stage. They’re the easiest to kill in quick succession in a single line. Next, find the teleporter.

Since Artifact of Kin is on, the only teleporter boss you can get is a horde of Lemurians. Once the horde spawns, just get them all in one area, use your utility GLAZE to put oil on them and hit them with SEAR or FLAMBE once.

If you did everything correctly, congratulations, you unlocked OIL JAR

Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Oil Jar

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