Metal Company: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Don’t worry, you’ll stop dying as much after this.

Metal Company: Complete Beginner's Guide

More Lethal Company Roblox games have emerged and this time, we have Metal Company guide for you beginners. Similar to the game it’s inspired from, this is all about becoming a great asset to the company via fulfilling quotas. You might lose your life, your friends might lose theirs, but it’s all worth it because dying is free, living is an expenditure.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

If you are familiar with Lethal Company, Metal Company wouldn’t be anything strange to you. A lot of the tips you’re seeing here applies to the original Lethal Company as well. Both share the same idea: get in, get loot, and get out – Preferably alive.

The Terminal

The Terminal is where you can route to moons or company. You can also check the store from the terminal to buy flashlights, boombox, TZP Inhalant, and more.

  • Route Moon to choose your destination where you’ll be collecting scraps.
  • View Moons to learn about the moon’s condition before launching.
  • Start Scan to scan for total loot you can get in the area.
  • View Store to browse the store and buy items.
  • View Info to learn about items and what they do.
The Terminal in Metal Company.

Note that items will be delivered rocket-style when you land on a planet. Different planets have different delivery spot, but they’re fixed. And they’re never too far from the ship. Plus, they make a really loud noise, so you typically can’t miss them!

First Moon

When you first started, you most likely will choose to go to Experimentation moon. It’s great if you’re completely new to the game or if you just want a more casual run. Certainly not for high quota achievers or speedrunners.

Experimentation is the easiest moon to explore. It has less monsters albeit less value scraps. But full-clearing this moon is one of the easiest to achieve. The map is also a lot smaller with lower spawn counts, great for practicing alone if you’re still scared.

Scrap Collecting

You have 4 inventory slots. You can carry a max of 1 two-handed item which will prevent you from picking up smaller items. Make sure to pick up smaller ones, then a big one.

Always be scanning! Right click all the time to scan the area and find loot. This will be super useful even when you have flashlights!

Scanning for loot in Roblox game Metal Company.

NOTE: Do NOT bring loot while you’re entering deeper into the facility. It’s always a good idea to bring them to the door instead when you can. Most of the time, you want to leave them outside because of hoarding bugs.

But there are things like the weather and Baboon Hawks as factors to reconsider leaving them outside. Baboon Hawks are considerably tankier if you want to get items back from them compared to hoarding bugs. Stormy weather on the other hand can be dangerous if metal items are left outside the door.

Selling Scraps

Selling scraps can be tricky depending on playstyle. If you only want to fulfill the quota and having a blast with casual play, you’re free to sell everything or only quota.

Selling Scraps at the Company in Metal Company.

Put your scraps on the counter. Ring the bell and wait until the counter opens. Do not ring the bell once it’s opened. But if you’re aiming to do an optimum gameplay, you’re going to have to think of strategies.

Fight or Flight

Not every monster in the game has to be killed on sight. Some can be avoided, like the Baboon Hawks by scaring them away with numbers. Some like the Snare Flea, can also be avoiding if they’re hanging in the corner where nobody will likely go.

Forest Keeper Giant in Metal Company.

But there are monsters you want to kill when you can. Nutcrackers and Thumpers are some examples. Whether it’s due to their aggressive nature or the extra loot. Make wise decisions depending on the situation with your team.

We conclude the beginner’s guide for Metal Company here. With the game still under progress, you might want to check out our Lethal Company guide for possible future updates of this game.


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