Nightingale: How to Get Wire

You might want to get wired in for this one!

In the world of Nightingale, you will need to craft all sorts of items if you want to survive and thrive. The survival elements can be intense, and you want to ensure that you have all tools at your disposal. One such material includes wire that you will need for other crafting recipes or buildings.

In this Nightingale guide, we’ll show you how you can get a wire. While the steps can be a lot at first, it will ensure that you have the ideal setup that you can use for other materials too! With that said, let’s get into it!

How to Get Wire

To get Wire in Nightingale, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • Craft a Simple Mining Pick
  • Farm Ore (Tin) using the Mining Pick
  • Build a Simple Smelter
  • Use the Simple Smelter to Craft Ingots
  • Use the Simple Smelter to Craft Wire.

If you’re still having trouble with crafting, check out our Crafting Beginner’s Guide for Nightingale.

Craft a Simple Mining Pick

To get wire, you’ll need to first craft a Simple Mining Pick. To do this, you need to first build a Tanning Station that you can access from your Recipes Menu. You’ll need to navigate to the Crafting: Basics & Repair section of this menu and will be able to access it there.

Simple Tanning Station in Nightingale.

Once you find it, select the Place button and put the blueprint wherever you want. You’ll need to build the Tanning Station after that. The simple requirements are:

  • x6 Sticks
  • x10 Plant Fibre.

After the Tanning Station is built, interact with it. Here, you can see all sorts of items that you can build that will be quite handy in your Nightingale journey. Navigate to the Straps section of this menu.

Craft Straps in Nightingale.

Here, you can craft Straps by converting Hide that you get from animals into Straps. Make sure that you have enough Hide to craft at least x2 Straps.

Now, you’ll need to build another thing known as a Simple Workbench. You can find it in the Crafting: Basics & Repair Section of your Recipes Menu, where you also found the Simple Tanning Station.

The material requirements for the Simple Workbench are:

  • x10 Wood Bundles
  • x4 Plant Fibre
Simple Workbench in Nightingale.

After that, place down the Workbench, build it and interact with it. Here, you can navigate through scores of Simple Items that you can craft. Select the one that says Simple Mining Pick.

For the Simple Mining Pick, you’ll need the following items:

  • x1 Stone Block
    • Obtained from mining Sandstone Blocks
  • x1Wood Bundle
    • Obtained from chopping down trees
  • x2Straps
    • Obtained from crafting as discussed above.

Fulfilling these requirements will allow you to craft the Simple Mining Pick. This pick is essential if you want to eventually get Wire in Nightingale.

Simple Mining Pick Craft in Nightingale.

Farm and Collect Ore (Tin)

Now that you have the Simple Mining Pick crafted, make sure that you equip it. Now you’ll need to explore the world of Nightingale and look for Ore (Tin) Nodes. They can generally be found in most locations, just explore the area.

After you find one, approach it and start mining it. Once you’ve broken it up, make sure that you collect as many broken pieces of Ore as you can. You’ll eventually be converting this Ore into Wire with a few series of steps. 

Collecting Tin Ore in Nightingale.

Build Simple Smelter

The next thing on the agenda is building a simple smelter. We recommend that you check out our How To Get Simple Smelter guide, as it dives into additional bonuses that you can get and more in Nightingale.

In essence, to build a simple smelter, you will need to first get the recipe for it. To do this, you will need to locate an Essence Trader that you can find in the Respite area of Nightingale.

Essence Trader Ben in Nightingale.

Interact with him and you’ll see all sorts of items and Schematics that you can purchase. Select the Crafting: Refinement option and purchase the Simple Smelter Schematic from there.

Purchasing Simple Smelter Schematic in Nightingale.

After that, you will be able select the Simple Smelter in your Recipes Menu and place the blueprint wherever you want. Just make sure that you fulfill the requirements, which are:

  • x4 Stone Blocks
  • x6 Rocks.
Placing Simple Smelter in Nightingale.

Craft Ingots with Simple Smelter

Now that you have the simple smelter built, interact with it to open up the menu. Here, you will see a selection of items that you craft. Select the Ingot item in the Refinement menu.

After that, place the Ore (Tin) that you collected previously and convert it into Ingots. Convert as much as you need into Ingots 0 you’ll be using them a lot in Nightingale. Keep in mind that you’ll need x2 Ore for each Ingot. You’ll be converting the Ore into Wire next.

Crafting Ingot in Nightingale.

Craft Wires with Simple Smelter

Once you have enough Ingots, return to the refinement menu and select the Wire option this time. Here, you can place your Ingots and convert them into wire. Craft as much wire as you need – you’ll get x1 Wire for every 2 Ingots that you place inside.

And there you have it, now you can get as much Wire you need with this setup!

Crafting Wire in Nightingale.

That’s everything you need to know about getting Wire in Nightingale. You’ll be able to use wire for more advanced recipes that you get as the game advances. You might also want to get a Simple Saw Table in Nightingale, that will open up even more recipes!


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