Metroid Dread: How to Break Pink Block

Remove the Pink Blocks and continue your adventure!

You will encounter a lot of obstacles in Metroid Dread. Aside from powerful enemies, you will encounter blocks and closed doors of different kinds. One of these obstacles is pink blocks. To break pink blocks, you will need to use two abilities. 

How to break Pink Blocks

To break pink blocks, you will need both the Morph Ball ability and Bomb Upgrade to your Morph Ball. You will need the Morph ball to fit into the smaller crevice and leave a bomb. The bomb will explode after a delay, destroying the pink block. 

How to get Morph Ball

Before you can get the Morph Ball, you should have the Wide Beam upgrade first. After getting the upgrade, return to Cataris. Defeat the Central Unit here and you will be chased by a Green E.M.M.I. Defeat this E.M.M.I to get the Morph Ball skill. 

How to get Bomb Upgrade

The location of the bomb upgrade is not as obvious compared to other skills that you can get in the game. Once you get the Morph Ball skill in Cataris, you can go back to Darion to explore the area more. From the power generator, head on up and use your Morph Ball skill. 

While in Morph Ball mode, navigate through small vents and restore the second power generator in Darion. Go up to the right hall and go through a pipe to find a Missile door. Open the missile door and go inside the room to get the Bomb upgrade. 

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