Metroid Dread: What Does Flashing Map Mean | Blinking White Map

What are those random white flashes?

Metroid Dread has a huge world for you to explore. As you progress, you will gradually get skills and suit upgrades that will allow you to explore maps that are not reachable before. However, you might notice a white, blinking square area on your map. 

What does the Blinking White area in my map mean?

If you see a blinking white area on your map, it means that there is a secret in the area. This could mean that there are breakable walls or blocks in the area that you can check out. However, some areas will require different skills that you may not have acquired yet.

You can take note of these areas and as you progress, you can go back to these areas and use your skills to unlock them. 

Pulse Radar

The Pulse Radar skill can help immensely when it comes to these secret areas. This skill can reveal the breakable walls and items on the area, making the puzzle easier to solve. You can get this skill in Ghavoran.

You have to defeat the Blue EMMI in the Ghavoran area to get the skill. When you activate the Pulse Radar, it will send out an area of blue pulse that will mark any breakable objects in the area. You can use this on the Blinking White areas on the map to unlock the secret areas.

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