How to Complete TOWER 3 Minecraft Dungeons | Build & Boss Fight

Learn how to build and defeat the boss in Tower 3!

The Tower is one of the dungeons you can challenge in Minecraft Dungeons. As you progress further into the tower, the enemies get stronger as well. This guide will show you how to complete Tower 3 and get rewards for your avatar.

Complete Tower 3 — Minecraft Dungeons

Start the run by selecting the Tower and pressing Start Tower Run. This will make you travel into the tower, and you can select and change your build before you start your tower run.

The recommended build is stated in the photo above.

For the second floor of the tower, use an enchantment point and upgrade snowball. This will cause a snowball to fire every few seconds on the enemies, stunning them for a small period of time.

Get the love medallion and keep on getting enchantment points while investing it in your snowball upgrades. Afterwards, select the Mystery armor for your reward and purchase a potion barrier if you get the negate damage status on your armor.

You can also invest in the Fire trail but this is optional. This skill will create a trail of fire behind you that can damage enemies whenever you roll.

Get the Boots of Swiftness for extra mobility and the Enchanter’s tome for your next reward.

Upgrade your mystery armor in the merchant and get ready to face the boss. The technique here is to turn your enemies into allies and make them damage the boss. Keep evading the attacks and get a few damages in whenever you can.

For the next floor, take another enchantment point. Next, take the Golem kit and replace the love medallion on your equipment.

Take the Axe for the next reward and invest your enchantment points in Leeching and Exploding.

You can also put one point in Wild rage. Get the Updraft tome and the technique is to run around evading enemies and activating the tome when they get near you. After floor 14, choose the Beenest armor and invest in Potion Barrier.

You can also maximize the Wild Rage skill and get the Anchor. To maximize its damage, invest in the Guarding strike and Void Strike.

Get the enchantment point again and make sure to not replace your boots before the boss fight because it helps a lot with added mobility.

Take the unique anchor and for the second boss fight, simply allow your character to deal damage over time using your equipment. You can also turn the cubes into your allies to help deal more damage to the boss.

Take the Golem kit again so you should have 2 Golems and 1 boot of swiftness for your equipment.

Put exploding on your crossbow. Replace the boots of the swiftness with an Iron amulet and upgrade your armor to a battle robe.

Upgrade your cool down to max and upgrade your beast surge once. Get enchantment points and the cutlass if you can. Upgrade your guarding strike and committed skill. Keep getting the enchantment point until you get to the merchant.

Now that your armor has been upgraded,  the technique for this is to run around the area, evading its attacks and let the golems do the damage.

And that should help you complete the entire tower!

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