Tribes Of Midgard: Hunter Build Guide

Make yourself the best co-op class!

Tribes of Midgard has been released a few days ago and the game has proven to be a really entertaining one! This role playing game, developed by Norsefell Games, is giving us an experience we will remember for a long time. Giving us the choice to play by ourselves of with 9 other player in a huge co-op campaign, your choices of classes may be hard to develop. Especially when a class can seem so weak, as the hunter one does. Here is how you make it the best class for multiplayer!

Hunter Build Guide – Tribes of Midgard

Now, it’s good to know that the hunter at its max capacity is basically a glorified scout. You’d always be in front of the party, looking around, and out on missions to gather resources.

If that sounds good, here are the skills you should get as the hunter to be one of the centerpieces in your party and have the best build:

  1. Skadi’s Spirit

    As you get Level 2 and unlock the Hunter, get the first skill, “Skadi’s Spirit”. It’s a decoy that isn’t incredibly useful, but it’s a skill you are forced to get.

  2. Bountiful Grasp

    “Bountiful Grasp” is your second skill. This will double your resource looting output and maximize your skills as a gatherer.

  3. Recall Totem

    “Recall Totem” is a must as the hunter. It basically leaves a respawn point wherever you want. That means you could basically one v one Fenrir.

  4. Foreshadow

    “Foreshadow” is your fourth go to skill. It will show you points of interest on the map. A really good passive skill.

  5. Sharp Eyes

    For the next two points, get the “Sharp Eyes” I and II, as it will make you a true scout, being able to see almost anything.

  6. Pushing Limits

    “Pushing Limits” because it will let you get better skills afterwards. Nothing more to add.

  7. Axe Mastery

    “Axe Mastery” since there are almost no damage bonuses in this skill tree, so this addition would be incredible.

  8. Personal Preference

    For the last skill, you can choose whatever you feel suits your needs.

With this build, know that you will be more a part of the logistics and less a fighting power. After every fight, get ready to go out and scout.

Your tactics will mostly be hit and run tactics. As for weapons and armor, you can get some really good axes and the legendary armor that the girl hunter is wearing in the image.

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