Minecraft: How To Install Seus Shaders

How to make Minecraft look like a triple-A title.

There are many, many cool and amazing mods for Minecraft created by the community that can totally change the game and make it something that can even be great on its own. Quality of life and graphics mods are the most popular due to the fact that the gameplay stays the same, but your eyes receive a great treat. If you want to install the Seus Shaders for your Minecraft, but don’t know how to do it, you’re in luck! Here is what you need to do!

How To Install Seus Shaders – Minecraft

In order to install the shaders mod that will totally change your experience, you will need to install 2 other mods, one is necessary and one is optional, and create a profile for the 1.16.4 version.

Here is what you’ll have to do:

  1. At the moment, there is no Seus Shaders mod for the 1.17 version, so you will need to create a profile for 1.16.4 in the launcher.

  2. Download and install the Forge mod that will allow you to handle all your mods in a more efficient way. Select to install client and select your .minecraft folder.

  3. Create a Mods folder in your .minecraft folder.

  4. Download the necessary mod GLSL for 1.16.4 that lets you use custom shaders.

  5. Copy and paste the .jar you just downloaded (1.16.4) in to .minecraft/Mods.

  6. Run the .jar.

  7. Run the game on the new profile you just created.

  8. Download the Seus Shaders mod for the 1.16.X version.

  9. Copy and paste the new shaders .zip you just downloaded to .minecraft/shaderpacks.

  10. Run the new 1.16.4 profile again and, in options, select the .zip you’ve just put in the folder.

After following these pretty straightforward steps, you should be able to play Minecraft with this incredible shaders mod, if your PC can handle it.

If anything wasn’t clear, don’t forget that there are instructions from the places you downloaded the files!

Don’t forget that you can enter your options and change things about the shaders, if you dislike something!

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