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Monster Hunter & NEW Discord Drops | Complete Guide

Get these freebies quickly!

Who doesn’t like free things? Especially in this day and age of video games where online is prevalent, even in single player games. Companies such as Twitch, Amazon, and even Discord often rewards players for their loyalty by giving them free games or free items in games. Right now, we have been introduced to Discord Drops, a new feature in Discord that allows people to earn freebies just by playing the game. Right now, the only game with Discord Drops is Monster Hunter Rise. If you are interested in getting it, then follow this guide.

NEW Discord Drops – Monster Hunter Rise

Source: Troublechute

Before we get started on getting the new Monster Hunter freebies, we first have to know what Discord Drops is.

Essentially, Discord Drops is a way for players to earn free gifts in a game while using Discord. To do so, you need to stream your game (in this case, Monster Hunter Rise) for at least 30 minutes to at least 1 person. After the 30 minutes are done, you will then be given a code to redeem and get the freebie.

Bear in mind that this is only doable on the Discord desktop app and browser clients, so if you don’t have either, then you’re out of luck.

Source: Troublechute

Now to get the Monster Hunter freebie, you first need to go to your settings (the little gear icon on the bottom left of your Discord app) and go to Privacy & Safety. Scroll down until you find “Use data to customize my Discord experience” and turn that on. Under that, there should be “In-game rewards (aka Drops)”, turn that on as well.

If you are not a fan of having your data be used by companies such as Discord, then you are not eligible to get any Discord Drop, as the setting is required to get any sort of Drops in the future.

Source: Troublechute

Once you have your settings all configured, you should then start Monster Hunter Rise. Once the game is running, go to Discord and click on Screen, which is on the bottom right. This will then allow you to share with other people what is happening on your screen. Play the game for 30 minutes and eventually, you will get a notification that you have received a code for Monster Hunter Rise.

Source: Troublechute

To redeem the code, go to your Settings again and go to Gift Inventory, which is under Payment Settings. You will see Redeem Codes at the top. Simply put in the code and you should then have the free gift now unlocked in your Monster Hunter Rise game.

Special thanks to Troublechute for thoroughly explaining how Discord Drops works and how to do it. If you want a much more thorough explanation, you can check out his video on his channel, which is very informative: Monster Hunter + NEW Discord Drops | Complete Guide.

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