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Monster Hunter Rise: Updated Monsters Tier List

Which Monsters are more stronger than others.

Monster Hunter Rise comes after Monster Hunter World. Many of the monsters that are here improve on the previous ones. So when it comes to selecting which ones are the strongest, it can get pretty tricky. This here is the updated monster tier list.

Updated Monsters Tier List – Monster Hunter Rise

All the players really know which monsters can be more difficult than the others. We got the standard ranking of Anjanath as top 5, then goes Nargacuga, followed by Mizutsune. Some will put the most dangerous ones like Almudron, Magnamalo, Diablos, and Goss Harag.

Not much can be said really, let this picture do all the talking. Full credits go to u/Zandanua on Reddit.

Source: u/Zandanua

And yes. Khezu deserves all the hate and rage.

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