Two New Monsters Revealed In Latest Update Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

New Monsters? New Adventures!

The newest patch in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is here, and it’s released on November 24, and it brings two new Monsters into the game. They have also included climbing up to level 200, and adding new quests, weapons, armor, and others. The players can take followers with them on the Master Rank quests and in the Anomaly quests and Anomaly investigations as well. Except that, they added A7-star quests for the Qurious Crafting. So, let’s take a look at the two new monsters that are revealed.

Latest Update Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – Two New Monsters Revealed

The two new monsters that have been revealed are the Apex Mizutsune and Apex Rathalos. They are both strong and large monsters, so let’s talk about them more.

Apex Mizutsune

The Apex Mizutsune is a large monster covered in scars and wounds as if it had been caught in a storm. At the level of 120 anomaly investigation quests, you have a chance to see the monster. Also, you can see the monster at 121 level Bizzle Geese quest, level 124, and also 146 level quest.

Apex Rathalos

The Rathalos monster is always dominated by wrath and terror. The known Habitats are the Shrine Ruins, Lava Caverns, and Citadel. You can find Rathalos at level 181 as a second or third monster. Also, the monster can be found in the level 195 quest.

The monsters appear through anomaly investigation quests, and they are always the second or the third monster. They are not the target monster at all, and you cannot craft any armor because they are treated as the normal version of monsters.

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