Need More Energy: Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

Can’t a child just watch some videos after school?

In Need More Energy, you are just a kid who came home from school and just wanted to watch some Bloxtube. Just as you are about to enjoy your time watching cool videos, your phone’s battery runs out!

For some reason, the charger says that you need to wait 100 hours for your phone to fully recharge. Since you cannot use your phone while it is charging and you definitely cannot wait 100 hours, you decide to get more energy to speed up the process.

Let’s see how you are going to achieve that and get all the endings in the game. There are two new endings that were added to the game with the latest update; if you are looking for a specific ending, feel free to check out the table of contents below.

Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

The game begins while you are lying on your bed, ready to watch a couple videos on Bloxtube. Soon enough, your phone battery dies, and your mission to get more energy begins. Let’s see all the objectives you are going to need to complete to finish the game.

Turn Off the Lights (3)

Your first thought is to turn off all the lights in the house. If you do that, there will be more energy left for your phone to charge, right? There are three lights you need to turn off in the house. These are located in:

  • Living Room (2): There are two lights you can turn off in the living room. One is located to the left, on the dinner table, and the other is right next to the fridge.
  • Your Room (1): One light is located on your study desk, next to the laptop.

After you turned off all the lights in the house, you can go back to your room and see if it affected your phone battery at all.

Turn Off the Fan

Getting rid of the lights is not enough on its own. You should turn off something else too. Go to the living room and stop the fan on the ceiling. That should do the trick.

After you turn it off, go back to your room to check out your phone’s battery on your desk once again. However, this will still not be enough for you to watch videos…

Turn Off the Laptop

Now it is time to turn off your computer. Just go to your study desk and interact with it to turn it off. After you do that, go to your phone and check out the battery to see if it is enough.

Start the Generator

Your phone’s battery is still not high enough for you to watch videos on Bloxtube! You definitely need more energy, and it looks like you already turned off everything in the house. Go to the garage and start the generator to see if it will work.

Build a Wind Turbine

The generator did not do the trick either. You should definitely use a little help from the earth. Go to your backyard and build a huge wind turbine there to generate some energy for your battery!

Make the Wind Turbine Spin Faster

It seems like the wind turbine is working, but it needs to be faster to generate even more energy. Go back to the backyard and simply interact with it to make it spin faster.

How to Get All Endings

The game has three endings that you can get right now. These are the Sun Ending, AFK Ending, and Lost Ending. It is pretty easy to get each one, so you are not going to have any trouble once we talk about what you are going to need to do to get them.

AFK Ending and Lost Ending are the new ones added to the game with the latest update. Before that, you could only get the Sun Ending.

Sun Ending

Once you make the wind turbine spin faster, you are going to see that it is still not enough. However, you are on the right track. It is time to get a little more help, and you are going to do this by plugging your charger into the sun.

Use the front door to leave the house, and you will see an option to plug your charger into the sun in front of the door. Once you interact with it, you will do it and get a Sun ending. Unfortunately, you spent too much time, and it became nighttime. It looks like your battery will remain empty.

AFK (Good) Ending

In order to get this ending, you should not complete any objectives. Instead, when you get your first objective to turn off all the lights in the house, leave the house and turn left. On the left wall of the house, you are going to see an option to stay AFK. Hold down the E key to interact with it.

Once you interact with the AFK option, you will wait until your phone battery is full, and get a Good Ending. It turns out that sometimes you should not try to rush things!

Lost Ending

To get this ending, you should not do any objectives again. When your first objective appears on the right side of your screen, leave the house and turn left. This time, you are going to walk to the giant cave next to your house.

There, you are going to see a car. If you go and stay in front of the car, you will somehow get crushed by the stopping car and get the Lost Ending. We are not sure how you managed to get hit by a car that does not even move, but here you go.

Just like this, we covered everything you need to know about completing Need More Energy and getting all the endings in the game. This game was inspired by the other Need More games. So, if you enjoyed this one, feel free to check out our guides on Need More Poop, Need More IQ, Need More Devs, and many more!


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