Nightingale: Complete Guide To Unlock The Desert Set

Shelter yourself from the desert heat with this cool contemporary home!

Exploring the multitude of Realms is a lot of work. Luckily, Nightingale lets players become homeowners and set roots on their own. There are a few sets that you currently unlock to build your estate, and in this guide, I tell you how to unlock the Desert set. There are a few elements you will have to purchase so I’ll outline how to unlock the Desert set in this guide.

How To Unlock The Desert Set 

The Desert set is a stylish home that’s sure to keep you cool under the Desert Sun. There are three traders you need to visit to get all the parts of the set, after which, you’re free to make your contemporary home in Nightingale. 

The three traders are the Desert Herbarium Essence Trader, Desert Gloom Essence Trader, and Desert Hunt Essence Trader. I’ll talk about these in more detail below.

Still of the Desert Realm in Nightingale.

Desert Herbarium Essence Trader

To go to the Desert Herbarium Realm, combine the Desert Card and Herbarium Card.

This will open a portal that will lead to the first trader. Once you go through the portal, open the map and the location of the essence trader will be indicated. Speak to him and select the Buildings: Desert option from the drop-down.

You will be able to buy the Desert Basic Set from this trader for 10 Tier 2 Essence. This set makes up the stairs, doorframe, door, wall, window, and roof of the home.

Screenshot of an Essence Trader in Nightingale.

Desert Gloom Essence Trader

To get to the next realm, which is the Desert Gloom combine the Desert Card and Gloom Card.

Now, you can locate the Essence trader on the map and buy the Desert Second Storey Set and Desert Advanced Roofs.  Both of these items will also cost 10 tier 2 Essence.

Getting to the Essence Traders in some of these locations might be a bit of a climb, so keep that in mind when you transport to these Realms.

Card input menu screen in Nightingale.

Desert Hunt Essence Trader

The final Realm to go to is the Desert Hunt Realm. Do this by combining the Desert Card and Hunt Card.

Lastly, open the map and locate the Essence trader of this corresponding realm to buy the Desert Advanced Walls and Desert Unique Set for 10 Tier 2 Essence each.

NOTE: There will be times when there will be multiple Essence Traders on the map. Just visit each one as the option to buy estate elements is random.

And with that, you now own the entire Desert set! There are a couple of other sets you unlock in Nightingale. Check out our guide on how to unlock the Swamp Set and how to unlock the Tudor Set.


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