Nightingale: Dungeons & Towers Guide | Best Essence Loot

It’s a dungeon crawler’s dream!

There’s a ton of loot and gameplay variety in Nightingale. From Dungeons, Towers, and which Essence is best, the game gives players a lot to work with regarding options of which places and objects to farm. To cut through the fog, I’m here to give you a Dungeons and Towers guide and tell you which Essence Loot is the best.

Dungeons & Towers Guide and Best Essence Loot

Farming goodies is always exciting. In Nightingale, the developers have given players a fair share of options. They’ve even released the Twitch drops which feature cosmetics like an Umbrella, two Outfits, and a puppy.

There’s a difference between the types of dungeons and vaults you come across in terms of mechanics and rewards. Let’s talk about it in more detail below.

Nightingale starting dungeon entrance.


Abeyance Realm: First Step of the Initiate 

The starter dungeon will have you travel through the ruins/runes, wherein you will fight bound enemies and battle a miniboss. The automaton knights here are stronger than the ones you would find in the desert biome. 

Sometimes, these knights would place modules that would protect them or explode when you touched them. Other times, they would be focused solely on attacking you with a sword. 

To deal the most damage, you must hit the orb that they’re holding with a pickaxe if you can get close. Otherwise, your best chance at defeating them would be through hiding behind the pillars and shooting the orb with the crossbow. 

In the early tutorial of this game, you will be going through a bunch of these starter towers and areas in the Abeyance Realm. You can also unlock other Realm Cards such as the Antiquarian Realm

Completing this will unlock the other Cards permanently and enable you to craft them anytime.

Rune in a dungeon.

Forest Realm

In this Realm, you’ll need to find some mini portals or dungeons to find a mini-dungeon. Not all of them would have one though. You need to check any small openings to see if they might lead to one. 

It would be a good idea to check your map from time to time to ensure that you don’t miss out on any Fae portals that might be in the cave. In these caves, you’ll also find a whole bunch of higher-level minerals and ores that you can use to craft things with later on. 

Apart from this, you’ll also find some bound all along the caves at different stages. If there’s loot you should be on the lookout for here. There would be the Synchronous Lotuses that can be found in the mini-chests. These will be used to craft the Crude Portal which you’ll need to activate and fight any bound that spawn while waiting. 

Aside from crafting crude portals, you’ll need these to craft transmuters to play Minor Cards as well as respawn points. You can do this through the Fairy Ring which is obtained separately. Entering the Crude Portal will lead you to a Bastille or two. These can be agility, might, insight, and intellect.

In here, you will run into bound, wildlife, walls, and other elemental factors depending on what biome you’re in. 

Fabled Automaton Knight boss in the first dungeon.


Once you’ve gone through the tutorial section of the game and have experienced a taste of the adventure ahead, you’re given the option to choose between three biomes: the Forest, the Desert, and the Swamp.

Desert Biomes

Over in the desert biome, killing creatures will yield skin and hide. In either area, you’ll rely heavily on runes being scattered around or activating the pimps in a certain order. Aside from this, you should check out any golden chests as they may be filled with elemental ammo. 

You can always check through the map what Bastille you’re in so if there’s any in particular that you don’t feel like doing, you can always pop back to your Respite Realm

At the end of the Bastilles, there will occasionally be a portal that you can take home. If there aren’t any, you can just go back to the map then go back to Respite. Afterwards, activate the runes, then claim your reward. If there are multiple bastilles in an area, there are also rest points in between where you can eat and prepare for the next one. 

Once you’ve completed the bastilles, you will find anywhere between 15-50 Essence depending on the Realm, a synchronous lotus chest, and a portal that brings you back. Running into blue discs may also give you some Essence if you use dispel spells on them. 

SIDE NOTE: Want even more ways to farm Essence? Check out our Complete Essence Guide to earn more of that sweet moolah! 

Screenshot of the Bastille of Agility.

Swamp Biome 

In this biome, you will face off against a group of bounds and either activate a pimp or fight off more bounds from destroying a laser. 

The are different types of bounds encountered here such as the flamethrowers and orb bombs, or the brutes and big blade ones which are tougher. 

That said, your reward will only be granted once all of the bounds have been killed so try to make sure you kill all of the ones you see along the way to collect your Essence. 


Towers come in many different shapes and sizes and usually lead to a transmute. 

In the desert, they will look more like ancient pyramid ruins, others will look more like bastilles made of stone that lead up to a roof with the Transmutic Minor card, as well as ones that look like a dome with a massive telescope. 

After dealing with the bound, the tower turns into a puzzle where you’ll need to activate the pimps.  Make sure to avoid traps that cause damage when you walk over them. The puzzle requires you to activate them in the right order otherwise bound will spawn. 

Don’t try to do this intentionally though as you will not gain significantly more Essence and there are easier ways of doing so. These puzzles can be anywhere from as little as 3 to as many as 7 pimps that you’ll need to memorize the sequence of.

Puzzle Piece in one of the biomes.

A tip here would be to listen to them as they all make distinct sounds. Some ruins would lead you to mazes instead filled with traps that you have to find your way through to the top. 

Once you’ve made it to the top of the tower, you can change any of your minor Cards, use them, or craft the Transmutic Machine to do whatever you choose. After you’ve defeated the last few enemies here, you also get a bunch of Essence along with other rewards such as minor Realm Cards, augmentation, or a decorative piece. 

And that’s everything on this Dungeons & Towers and Best Essence Loot guide for Nightingale! There are a ton of dungeons and realms to explore, and even more goodies to get out of each run. If you want even more information on Biomes, we also have a dedicated guide for more awesome info!


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