Nightingale: How to Fix Broken Leg

Starr running again!

Nightingale: How to Fix Broken Leg

The perilous journey to having to find your way back with a broken leg in Nightingale is just plain annoying. Broken leg is a status that you receive when you fall from a height that causes slow movement speed. You cannot run, you can’t jump, or dodge, making this easily one of the most annoying status ailments to have.

We’re going to share how you can fix this ailment in the game and suggestions to prevent you getting stuck with this status again.

How to Fix Broken Leg

To heal your Broken Leg, consume Healing Salve. This is one of the most basic healing items in the game that you can make with a simple recipe. Campfire is a recipe you immediately get when you started the game. And so is Healing Salve a little later during the tutorial.

You need Bone and Plant Fibre, one of each, to craft 1 Healing Salve. Obviously, better tiers of bones and plant fibres will produce better Healing Salve. At the most basic tier, it’ll heal 10/m for 5s. And what do you know, it also removes your Broken Leg status!

Make Healing Salve on the campfire to heal Broken Leg in Nightingale.

Bones are loot you can grab from killing the creatures of whichever biome you chose. Plant Fibre are easily harvestable in the open-world as well.

It’s really good to have a healthy stock of Healing Salve whenever you head out. While you can theoretically craft it on the go, trying to find rats to kill with a broken leg can be a real pain. The Broken Leg makes you walk very slow which makes your life so much harder.

And that’s how you can fix your Broken Leg in Nightingale. Up next, why not check out our complete Essence guide in the game for more awesome info?


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