Nightingale: How to Get Simple Enchanter’s Focus

Your first step to craft realm cards.

Nightingale: How to Get Simple Enchanter's Focus

The Simple Enchanter’s Focus in Nightingale is an essential workbench to craft realm cards in the game. It’s pretty much the most unique mechanic that sets the hardcore survival game apart from others, allowing players to create different realms and biomes to explore. And we’re going to show you how you can craft your own Simple Enchanter’s Focus in this guide.

How to Get Simple Enchanter’s Focus

The Simple Enchanter’s Focus is a schematic you can buy from any Essence Trader at a cheap price of 55 Essence Dust. It’s under the Crafting: Basics & Repair. We highly recommend that you get this as soon as you can get the Simple Smelter.

Buying Simple Enchanter's Focus schematic from the Essence Trader.

The Simple Enchanter’s Focus requires 1 Lumber, 2 Ingots, and 5 Glass to build.

  • Lumber is an easy one–just chop any trees down and process Wood Bundle on the Simple Saw Table. Two Wood Bundle makes 1 Lumber.
  • Ingots are smelted from ores in the Simple Smelter. You can crack open any Ore Deposits for all kinds of ores.
  • Glass is similarly smelted in the Simple Smelter. You can smelt Raw Gems into Glass. You will also find gems occasionally dropping from Ore Deposits. Or find Gem Deposits which are typically shinier with the precious stones jutting out more from the deposit.

That’s how you can get and build a Simple Enchanter’s Focus in Nightingale. Now that you have this workbench, Realm Cards become craftable. You will immediately find the basic Realm Cards recipe made available, perfect to finish the Forest and Antiquarium Fae Portal mission.

The basic materials of most of these cards typically are Paper, Alchemical Ink, and Essence Dust. Time to explore new realms and beyond!


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