Nightingale: How to Get Animal Fibre

That’s a lot of hunting you need to do for all the fibres!

Nightingale: How to Get Animal Fibre

Nightingale is an open-world, survival exploration game where you’ll be gathering different resources and craft items to survive. As you play, you can go on an adventure as a solo player, or cooperatively with friends. There are so many challenges that you’ll eventually face later in your progress.

This is why crafting is an essential feature that you must do to become stronger in-game. The Animal Fibre is one of the important materials you’ll need to have. This is because it is required for more advanced crafting recipes. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Animal Fibre in Nightingale.

How to Get Animal Fibre

First, you will need to prepare a Hunting Knife or any other tools that can deal damage to creatures. Then, try to find a deer, boar, or any small animal that you can hunt down.

Upon defeating the animal, you will be able to obtain the Meat from it. By spending 2 Raw Meat at the Tanning Station, you will be able to craft 1 Animal Fibre.

Nightingale Tier 1 Predator

Next, you will want to get yourself a Simple Tanning Station if you have not already got it. To place down a Tanning Station, you will need to use 6 Sticks & 10 Plant Fibres.

These are materials that you can easily obtain by moving around in different areas. On the ground, there will be wooden sticks and tall grass that you can collect.

Nightingale Simple Tanning Station

In the Simple Tanning Station, you can use 2 Meats to craft 1 Animal Fibre. If you ever need to craft more, you can always go on a hunting trip to find more animals and obtain their meat.

Nightingale Meat (Tier 1 Predator)

That’s how you can obtain Animal Fibre in Nightingale. With it, you will be create many advanced items and crafting stations. As you go hunting, some animals or creatures may actually fight back. This is why you’ll want to have proper gear and not just a simple weapon.

If you want to know how you can get better gear quickly as a beginner player, consider taking a look at the guide! Having good gear also gives you gear scores, which is also one of the requirements for you to unlock many different features in the game.


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