Nightingale: How to Get Lumber

What comes after chopping down trees?

Nightingale: How to Get Lumber

Lumber is an essential, basic material in Nightingale, much like every other predecessor of its genre (Sons of the Forest, 10 years later, makes chopping trees still the most time people spend on). No matter if you’re making an effective base or planning to create the most grandeur castle, you cannot be rid of wood. So, here we go. Here’s how to get Lumber in Nightingale!

How to Get Lumber

Lumber is a product processed from Wood Bundle in the game. Wood Bundle, if you haven’t actually gotten to chopping at all, is something you can get from cutting down just about any trees.

How to get the Lumber in Nightingale.

Now that you have Wood Bundle, make yourself the Simple Saw Table. This is a workbench that you’re going to visit frequently considering it is where you can process a lot of other basic materials.

You can go to the guide attached above, but if you only need the materials for the Simple Saw Table you’ll need the following:

  • 8x Wood Bundle (From chopping the logs that you see on the ground)
  • 4x Stone Block (Use a Pickaxe and mine the stone piles around the map)
  • 4x Animal Fibre (Use a Simple Tanning Station and convert the Meat items into Animal Fibre)

Spend 2 Wood Bundles to make 1 Lumber.

How to get Lumber in Nightingale.

You can check the recipe on the Simple Saw Table as well as other recipes there. You can craft as many Lumbers as you want in this station. However, you may quickly note that there are many other recipes that also use Wood Bundle.

Having a short stock of this and keep more Wood Bundles instead are suggested. Now you know how to get Lumber in Nightingale, one of the vital materials, you’re ready to build more. Check out our guide on how to pick a good base for yourself!


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