Nightingale: How To Repair Structures

Don’t demolish that wall, repair it instead!

Nightingale How To Repair Structures

When going through a survival game with crafting and base-building elements it’s always fun to make a great-looking base. The problem lies with it getting damaged, perhaps by enemies or your accident. Whatever the case may be you’ll want to repair them!

In Nightingale, not all of the tools in the game are given to you at the start, and some you’ll need to find. One of the tools you’ll need can help you repair structures so your base can survive longer.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to repair the structures in this game with one simple tool. We’ll also show you where you can get this tool as well!

How To Repair Structures

Since Nightingale is a survival game, of course, it’ll have resource gathering and base building on it. At one point in the game, some of your buildings might get damaged though. It’s usually better to repair the structure than to replace it, so how can you do that?

To repair structures in Nightingale, you’ll need to craft a hammer like a Simple Hammer, a tool in the game. You’ll need to know the recipe or schematic first and to do that, you’ll have to buy it from an Essence Vendor.

Nightingale Essence Trader

You can find the Essence Traders all around the map and usually, they spawn in POIs or Points of Interest. You’ll want to travel around and look for them. You can also check your map and look for their icon as shown above.

Buying the Simple Hammer will cost you 30 Gray Essences which is the most common essence in the game. Knowing about essences is an important part of the game, so here’s a guide on how essences work!

Nightingale Simple Hammer

To repair items with a hammer, just equip it and then start hitting things with it. This will repair the item until you stop or until it’s fully repaired!

That’s how you can repair structures and get the simple hammer in Nightingale. Go out there and try to get one yourself so that you can repair those damaged structures! Now, that you know how to repair buildings go check out our guide on some basic building tips and tricks!


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