Nightingale: How To Switch Between 1st Person & 3rd Person Camera Mode

Maybe what you need is a change of perspective.

Nightingale is a PVE survival multiplayer game that lets you walk different realms and fight against monsters from Fae stories we used to read when we were younger. The game is similar to that of Minecraft, Ark, and The Forest, where you will be collecting resources to survive and craft gear to ensure that you do survive.

You can also customize the way your character looks, which is a treat because you can also switch to 3rd person and 1st person to look at your character. But how can you do that? In this guide, I will show you how to switch between camera perspectives in Nightingale.

How To Switch Between 1st Person & 3rd Person Camera Mode

Switching between 1st person and 3rd person cameras is a great way to give players the perspective they want. It also allows players who primarily play with controllers to have a reason to play the game, as we all know 3rd person games are best played with controllers, and 1st person games are best played with mouse and keyboard.

How To Change Camera Perspective

In order to change the view from 1st person to 3rd person and vice versa, you can do it by pressing F5. But if that doesn’t work, you can go to the settings.

Up next, you will need to go to Settings and click on the Video tab. There, you will see the option for Enable Third-Person View (Experimental).

To activate it, you will need to click on the box and click on Apply. To deactivate it, just click on it again until the check mark is gone from the box and click Apply.

Option to enable third person camera view in Nightingale.

Afterwards, exit the menu and you will be able to see your character standing around in a third person perspective. Bear in mind that this camera view is also experimental, as stated in the menu. It means that it is not fully polished and you will be experiencing some bugs that may affect the game.

If you’re fine with that, then you can keep it as is. But if you want a more stable experience, best to turn it off until it’s more polished.

Third person camera view now enable in Nightingale.

That’s all you need to know on how to switch between 1st person and third person camera modes in Nightingale. Did this guide help you find out how to do this? Let us know in the comments below.

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