Nightingale: How to Unlock the Antiquarian Site of Power

Get through this last hurdle to get to the next realm!

Nightingale has a decently long introductory phase that involves shifting through relatively peaceful realms as you learn the basics of survival and realm hopping. In this guide, we’ll quickly show you how to unlock the Antiquarian Site of Power.

How to Unlock the Antiquarian Site of Power

Simply put, in order to enter the Antiquarian Site of Power, you will need to have a gear score of 20. We have a more in-depth guide on how you can level up early and quickly specifically for this objective.

Although the quest objective will be completed as soon as your gear score hits 20, you’ll still need to actually unlock the site of power. This will require you to be further enough in the game to craft and upgrade items strong enough for 20 Gear Score.

Now that you have the objective to “Unlock Antiquarian Card”, head over to the site of power indicated by the map icon in the image below:

Nightingale map with the antiquarian site of power icon on it

On a personal note, I am unsure whether this tutorial Abeyance Forest Realm (not the desert or swamp) in particular works the same way for every player.

SIDE NOTE: We have a dedicated guide explaining the Sites of Powers and how they work, make sure to check them out as well!

However, from what I’ve seen, it seems that this site of power and the essence trader are almost always beside each other, with the latter being marked in the map from the start.

Once you see the large temple-like building, ascend through the ramps until you reach a gate of red energy. If you have a gear score of 20, touching the gate should open the way in for you.

Nightingale entrance to the antiquarian site of power

And that is pretty much everything you need to know when it comes to opening the Antiquarian site of power. If you’re at this point of the game, check out our guide on how realms & portals work, as you’re going to be working with more of these very soon!


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