Nightingale: Surviving The Faewilds | Build Estate Cairn Guide

I hereby claim this land as mine!

The lands of Nightingale hold many dangers that are always trying to hunt you down in your fight for survival. It is in your best interest to do everything you can do to increase your chances of surviving them. One such item that you’ll come across through the story is the Estate Cairn Recipe.

In this guide, we will show you exactly how you can build the Estate Cairn to complete the objective. It’ll enable you to survive the Faewilds, which is full of monsters trying to hunt you down. With that said, let’s get into it!

Build Estate Cairn Guide

To build the Estate Cairn in Nightingale, and complete the objective, you need to do the following:

  • Place the Estate Cairn from the Recipes Menu.
  • Farm resources needed to build it.
  • Put the resources in the blueprint and build Estate Cairn.

When you’re completing this objective, you’ll need to find the perfect spot. Our Best First Base Location guide can provide you with insights that’ll help you decide the best location for Estate Cairn.

Place the Estate Cairn Blueprint

Starting off, you’ll need to place down Estate Cairn. Luckily, you’ll already have the Estate Cairn recipe when you are given this objective. In essence, you can place it anywhere on the land in a location that seems ideal to you.

Placing it down will essentially make the land around safe for you in Nightingale.

Estate Cairn Blueprint in Nightingale.

To place it down, you’ll need to first go into your Recipes Menu. From here, navigate to the option that says Estate. Over here, you’ll see Estate Cairn and you can select the option to place.

Place it in your desired spot and the blueprint will appear there.

Estate Cairn Recipe Menu in Nightingale.

Farm Resources for Estate Cairn

Once you place the blueprint, you’ll still need to finish constructing it. To do so, you will need to fulfill the material requirements. The material requirements for the Estate are:

  • x20 Rocks
  • x5 Stone Blocks

You can find Rocks in piles on the ground all over the land in Nightingale. All you need to do is simply collect them and you’ll have them in no time.

Collecting Rocks in Nightingale.

On the other hand, you’ll need to have a Pick equipped. After that, look for Sandstone Nodes that you can break apart by hitting them with the Pick. Collect any broken rock pieces, which are the Stone Blocks you need.

A Makeshift Pick should be enough, but if it doesn’t, here’s how you can craft the Simple Mining Pick!

NOTE: You can craft the Simple Mining Pick by using the following materials (x1 Stone Block, x1Wood Bundle and x2Straps) on a Simple Workbench (x10 Wood Bundles and x4 Plant Fibre)

Mining Stone Blocks in Nightingale.

Build Estate Cairn

Once you have all the required materials, approach Estate Cairn and place them inside. And there you have it; your first Estate Cairn is built in Nightingale!

Now if you end up dying in Nightingale, you’ll automatically be teleported to it. Keep in mind that you can have only one Estate Cairn active at the same time. The latest Estate Cairn that you built will count as the one active.

Estate Cairn gives a special bonus known as Creature Suppression Human Influence reduces aggressive creatures nearby. So, in essence, it is your safe place that will help you survive the Faewilds in Nightingale!

Estate Cairn Built in Nightingale.

That’s everything you need to know about building Estate Cairn and surviving the Faewilds. We recommend building it as soon as you can so that you can have a place you can call home in the game. It also helps to understand how the Portals and Realms work in the game, as this’ll make your experience in Nightingale much smoother.


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