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Experiment with your card combinations to explore new and exciting Realms!

Explore the mystical lands of the Fae in this multiplayer survival adventure. Nightingale combines the thrill of world exploration with the strategy of building and crafting. This game has drummed a lot of anticipation among players, and if you’re one of them, you might be curious about how the Realm Card system in Nightingale works. Given that, here’s everything to know about Realm Cards.

Everything To Know About Realm Cards

While the game is still relatively new, there’s a lot to share about the Realm Card system in Nightingale. To give you a quick rundown, the cards act as keys to access new Realms

This means that these Realm cards are the game’s way of fine-tuning your Realm exploration experience according to your skill, needs, and adventure desires.

SIDE NOTE: We have a FAQ (Frequently-asked-Questions) article for Nightingale. Make sure to check it out for more information!

Gameplay still of Nightingale.

How Do Realm Cards Work?

To open a portal in Nightingale, you will need to focus and direct the Realm Card, so what does that mean exactly?

As you continue to explore the Realms and collect crafting ingredients, you will be able to start crafting Realm Cards. Exploring the Realm and accumulating a collection of Realm Cards is what you want to do when playing Nightingale.

When you’re ready to go to the next Realm and continue your adventure, you will be told to choose a limited number of cards to combine to open your portal.

Whatever combination you come up with is crucial to what portal and what Realm you get next. Some cards will have more weight than others, with all of them contributing to what flora and fauna you get in the next Realm.

Other cards will affect weather, creatures, and even how safe or dangerous the following Realm will be. 

Nightingale still facing off against a giant.

This means that the world conditions you get will rely on how you experiment with your Realm Card combination. In this way, Nightingale gives players full control over what environment they have to survive next

The real magic of these cards is that each effect will aggregate and impact the Realm in systemic ways. On paper, it sounds straightforward to use a new Card to find a new Realm, but as you combine more cards, each effect will layer on top of the other. 

Overall, the Realm Cards are an interesting system that maintains the excitement of the next Realm with the certainty that you’re prepared for whatever’s coming your way. It’s one of the more intriguing features of Nightingale, and we’re all interested in what they come up with next.

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