Clash of Clans: How to 3-Star the Dark Ages Queen Challenge

“When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future.” -Queen Elizabeth

There’s another popular challenge in Clash of Clans right now! Let’s welcome the Dark Ages Queen Challenge! Check out this strongly built base filled with Heroes and learn how to beat this one.

How to 3-Star the Dark Ages Queen Challenge in Clash of Clans

Achieving three stars in this challenge rewards you with Energetic Elixirs, Gems, and XP Points. You’ll also acquire 500k Gold, 500k Elixir, and 5k Dark Elixir. Oh, and before starting, remember to switch your Grand Warden to air mode. Now, let’s begin the challenge!

First, drop a Rage Spell on the statue between the two Monoliths on the right side of the base. Release three Balloons on each torch to take out the two Monoliths. Repeat the same procedure on the south side of the base: Rage Spell plus Balloons.

Next, drop a Skeleton Spell in front of the Dragon Trophy on the lower east side, followed by the Archer Queen and five Healers. Then, release a Super Wall Breaker to break the outer wall. When the enemy Barbarian King starts attacking, put down a Headhunter beside the Queen. Before defeating the Barbarian King, release a Wall Breaker to break the inner walls.

When the Queen defeats the Archers and goes inside the base, drop a Rage Spell on her and the Healers. Freeze the enemy heroes to ensure you won’t use your ability yet while taking them down. After defeating the Heroes, release a Super Wall Breaker to blast the innermost walls. Then, drop a Poison Spell on the emerging Clan Castle troops.

Next, drop a Skeleton Spell on the lower left side beside the Dragon Trophy. Follow it up with a Super Wall Breaker and the Barbarian King. Then, put the Royal Champion on the lower right part so he’ll go straight into the Scattershot.

Add two Headhunters side by side with the King. After finishing the Scattershot, the Champion will move to help the King. Use BK’s ability once he suffers significant damage. Release a Super Wall Breaker to open the inner wall, then drop a Skeleton Spell on the X-Bow.

On the left side, drop a Skeleton Spell between the Archer Tower and X-Bow. Then release all your Inferno Dragons, Grand Warden, and two Headhunters. Use the Warden’s ability when the Inferno Dragons take in lots of damage. Drop the final Skeleton Spell between the Scattershot and two Monoliths.

If the Monolith targets and locks on your Champion or Dragons, drop a Freeze Spell on it once or twice. This strategy ensures enough troops to finish the remaining defenses and Army Camp.

There you go! One, two, and three stars! Another sweet victory for us, fellow Clashers! Never underestimate the power of the Queen and her entourage.

Have you three-starred your challenge yet? If not, now’s the time to beat your enemies and make the Dark Ages Queen light an everlasting fire.

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