V Rising: Best Dual Pistol Builds Guide

Anyway, I started blasting!

V Rising Shooting Dual Pistols

With the new big update for V Rising, it adds a lot of new stuff for players to enjoy. The new big update adds new types of magic as well as two new weapons, one of which is the Dual Pistols! Finally, we have a new ranged weapon in the game and a lot of you are probably wondering what the best builds for it in PVP are.

In this guide, we’ll show you a couple of dual pistol builds that you can try out for PVP. Now let’s lock and load and get ready to start blasting!

Best Dual Pistol Builds Guide

The new Dual Pistol weapon in V Rising is a welcome addition to anyone that likes using ranged weapons. Before the big patch we only had Crossbows so it’s great to see something new. The weapon itself has a bit shorter range than the crossbow so keeps that in mind and be ready to get used to the maximum range of the projectiles.

Dual Pistol Basics

The Autoattack of the Autopistol is a 3 shot barrage that you can’t move when shooting. The first ability or the Q ability is called “Fan The Hammer” is a cone attack. It’s a channeled ability where you fire 10 bullets in a cone dealing 25% physical damage with the added effect of knocking back targets.

The E ability is Explosive Bullets and it’ll let you do a dodge roll followed up by a shot that deals 25% physical damage. The bullet explodes after 3 seconds dealing 125% physical damage in an area and knocks back enemies. The great thing about this ability is not the damage potential but the dodge roll that gives you I-frames.

General PVP Build

This build is for general PVP that’s good for both group and solo fights. Typically, you’ll go with either Rogue or Warrior blood with this build so keep make sure to have that. The build focuses on using the auto attacks and augments it further with the right skills.

V Rising Discharge Ability

Here are the skills you’ll want to take:

  • Veil of Storm – Some may say that Veil of Chaos is better due to 2 dashes, but Veil of storm increases your attack speed after the dash.
  • Discharge – A block skill that blocks melee and projectile attacks. When you do so you turn immaterial and travel to the cursor location, passing through an enemy damage them, inflicts static and launches them. A great skill for getting some distance or chasing enemies down.
  • Lightning Curtain – You place a lightning wall on the ground that blocks projectiles. It inflicts static and damage to enemies that pass through. It also increases movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds when an ally goes through. It’s great to place this down and run around it while fighting.

The dual pistol doesn’t have a great way to start fights so it’s best to pair it with another weapon. A great weapon to pair it with is the new Greatsword weapon for its Q ability Great Cleaver which charges forward and knocks enemies into the air. You can then quickly switch to your dual pistols and continue fighting.

V Rising Lightning Curtain Ability

Solo PVP

This build should be used for solo PVP only. The great thing about this build though is that you can use both the new weapons the Dual Pistol and the Greatsword. This build focuses on increasing your attacks speed so that you can maximize your DPS.

V Rising Blood Rage Ability

Here are the skills you’ll want to take:

  • Veil Of Storm – Same reasons as the general build we’ll be using this for the attack speed buff.
  • Blood Rage – We’re mainly choosing this one for the attack speed buff as well.
  • Power Surge – Again we’re taking this for the attack speed buff.

As you can see all the skills, we’ve chosen increases the attack speed. What you’ll want to do with this build is use all of these skills to increase your attack speed and either fight with your dual pistols, greatsword or both. If you want to go with both then you can start by using the Q ability with the greatsword, pop the skills off, attack with the Greatsword, when the buffs run out switch back to the pistols and use Explosive Bullets to get out of melee range.

V Rising Power Surge Ability

Those are two of the best dual pistols builds you can use for the new V Rising patch. There’s a lot of other things that’s been added in the patch including new bosses! Be sure to check that one out if you want to see the new bosses!

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