Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Pulura’s Fall Puzzle Solution

The answer for this puzzle is pretty complex.

Puzzles are the bread and butter of games like Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. They are the way in which the developers can give us amazing or legendary loot, without it seeming out of nowhere. Unfortunately, not all of us are too blessed when it comes to solving these mini games, and sometimes we all inevitably end up searching the internet for an answer. Well, you’re in luck because here is the answer to the Pulura’s Fall puzzle!

Pulura’s Fall Puzzle Solution – Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

In order to solve this puzzle, there is a page and 2 books that will give you hints on how to solve it. These are not necessary if you don’t want to solve it yourself.

The “Torn-Out Pages from a Sarkorian Book” is something you might have found during your adventure that can give you some hints for the solution.

There will also be a library next to the puzzle that has the 2 books that will help you: “Old Sarkorian Book” and “The Cosmic Caravan and Its Journey Across the Night”.

Now then, in order to solve this puzzle, you will need to interact with the points around the galaxy pool in the correct order. There are 6 in total you need to select.

Here is how you should interact with them to finish this:

  1. The Newlyweds
  2. The Daughter
  3. The Rider
  4. The Patriarch
  5. The Pack
  6. The Follower

You can see the exact order in the picture above if the names were not clear enough to solve it.

Once you’re done, the secret door will open, revealing a room full of treasure. 59000 gold, many expensive stones, a lot of scrolls and enchanted staves and rings can be found in this secret place.

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