Peroxide: How To Get ALL Bonus Achievements Guide

Great achievements always require sacrifice.

Peroxide features a range of fun Invasions that you can do where you complete certain quests and get amazing loot. It is incredibly satisfying when you plow through the enemies with your chosen build and get the rewards at the end.

However, you can take this a step further by getting all bonus achievements from the Invasion. This is quite a challenging task. So, in this guide, we will show you how you can get ALL the bonus achievements. Let’s dive in.

How To Get ALL Bonus Achievements Guide

Complete The Invasion Solo

If you want to get all bonus achievements in an Invasion, you must start it out Solo. Yes, that’s right, you won’t be able to get it if you play it with your friends. This is because at the end, you get a bonus multiplier for completing the invasion solo.

This will seem like a daunting task, especially if you are used to playing with a buddy alongside. However, you can make this task easier for yourself by using the best build for you. This will make the Invasions much faster and allow you to breeze through the bonus achievements.

Battling Solo in Peroxide.

If you are a Soul Reaper, we recommend that you use Glacier. On the other hand, if you are a Quincy, we recommend that you use Apocalypse or Eidolon. Additionally, if you are able to get your hands on the Chaos Ultimate, that will make your journey even easier as it is a powerful ability.

Chaos Ultimate Ability in Peroxide.

Completing the Invasion solo grants you a +3 Score due to the One Man Army Achievement when the Player Count is 1.

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One Man Army Achievement in Peroxide.

Collect 6 Gourds

There will be 6 Temporal Reishi Gourds scattered all around the map. You should get all of them and bring them to the starting point so they can be extracted. Make sure you collect and extract all of them, otherwise the achievement won’t count.

Collecting Gourds in Peroxide.

You can extract these Gourds at the spawn point where you started the Invasion. Carry the Gourd all the way back to it, and you will see an option to extract it. Click the E Key and you will be able to extract it.

Extracting Gourds in Peroxide.

Collecting all of them falls under Bonus Objectives for which you get the Hoarder Achievement. This grants you a +2 score when you complete the Invasion. Luckily, there are no time constraints on how you can collect them, so you can do this part anytime before you complete the Invasion.

Hoarder Achievement in Peroxide.

Kill All Enemies

Yes, that’s right! All of them. This means that you need to look for all enemy NPCs across the map and kill them. You can certainly do this part by approaching the enemies one by one and killing them. However, this can become tedious as there are quite a bit of NPCs in the map.

Battling Enemy NPCs in Peroxide.

This is where we recommend that you bait all enemies on to you and get them into a small room. After that, you can use an AoE attack like Chaos Ultimate or Vessel which can damage or kill all of them at once. This will make this bonus achievement so much easier.

Using Chaos Ultimate in a Close Quarters Situation in Peroxide.

Killing 100% of enemies grants you the Exterminator achievement which gives you a +2 score after you finish the Invasion.

Exterminator Achievement in Peroxide.

Slay All Reinforcements

As you progress through the main objectives, there will be points where reinforcements will be called. Usually, this is towards the end when you’ve completed, or about to complete, objectives. At this point, you have a choice to flee or prepare to face them.

Call for Reinforcements Alert in Peroxide.

Once the reinforcements arrive, you need to make sure that you kill all of them. Yes, every single one. Also, make sure you are prepared, as they can swarm you when they arrive. This can be difficult to deal with if you are in the open.

Reinforcements Arriving in Peroxide.

Killing them all will grant you the War Lover achievement for which you will get a +1 score after the Invasion is complete.

War Lover Achievement in Peroxide.

That’s how you can get all the Bonus Achievements during Invasions in Peroxide. Make sure that you have the best build and moves so that you can confidently face the Invasion solo and get these achievements. Completing these achievements will increase your chances of getting better rewards! 

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